Monday, January 4, 2021

More Successful Passages

Your passing success stories keep on arriving in my e-mail, so I will keep sharing them with you. Here's three more.


I had been a member of a trans group for a couple of years, attending the weekend get-together each month. Usually, I would transform into my feminine persona for the entire weekend before joining in any of the group activities, so without realizing it, I had never let any of the group members meet my male persona. Then one Friday, I checked into the hotel for the weekend, but before going to my suite to transform, I went directly to the group’s hospitality suite.  

When I walked into the suite, our group president, someone I had socialized with regularly over the years, came up to me and introduced herself, stating she wanted to immediately welcome the new person. I was shocked when she, along with others, failed to recognize me. Of course, she was as surprised as I. 

This probably isn’t a passing story so much as an example of how differently we can appear when presenting in our preferred gender.  


I had long ago decided that the possibility of my passing at 6' 5" in flats was remote at best. I have often remarked that I pass every time... from a 100 yards away. 

A few years ago, I made a trip to Dallas to meet in person a couple of ladies I made friends with through some transgender chat groups. Patty, is a particularly amazing woman who has transitioned in her small Texas town, had amazing acceptance and kept her helicopter business going. I spent a Sunday afternoon with her and another T-girl who works for her.  

After a helicopter ride, we went into town and had a fun time of conversation and food at a local pizza joint. After our meal, we walked across the street to where a friend of hers was putting the final touches on an art gallery that he was opening. We toured the gallery, and chatted with the owner, a good ole Texas boy.

Later in the week, I received an e-mail from Patty that she had been talking to her friend about being transgender. The man stated that Patty was the only trans person he had ever met and wouldn't think of her that way if he hadn't know her before transition. Patty informed him that he had met others, just during the past week – that the woman with her who was visiting from out of town was also trans. He was amazed and said he never would have known. 

Needless to say when a redneck cowboy from Texas thinks you are a genetic female, it makes you feel pretty good. Had me floating on air for weeks.

Jasmine Bond

I've been expressing my feminine self more lately than ever before and have been doing all of my trips during these COVID times fully en femme. I dress nearly daily, so I femulate at the grocery store, when I get books at the library, get gasoline or run any other errand. 

It has totally been wonderful to live one day at a time as the woman I know I am. This miserable year has really expressed more so than ever before that time is precious and not one day should be wasted being unhappy. 

Having said that, during my last trip to the grocery store a manager got pulled over to a register and as he walked by me waiting as the next person in line, he called me “honey” and proceeded to say honey three more times and even threw in a “sweetie ”as I checked out in his lane. 

I don't know if he was “family” or just being overly flirtatious, but whether he made me or not, it was truly affirming to be treated as the woman I am. I was on a natural high the rest of the day!

Wearing New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company

Mark McKinney femulating in the 1996 film Brain Candy.
Mark McKinney femulating in the 1996 film Brain Candy.

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  1. Some time ago I had a similar experience to Sally's
    I was at a TG do washing my hands in the women's bathroom when a man came in
    I nearly said something but he got in first with "same person different clothes"
    He had been in female mode earlier and I had spent around twenty minutes talking to her