Monday, January 18, 2021

A Monday Mix

Femulating Film Update Dept.

A week ago, the Femulator slot featured a scene from Delitto al Blue Gay, an Italian film “jam-packed with femulators.” A day after the post, the link to view the film in its entirety on YouTube was dead, but I did find the film on Facebook and that link is still good as of today.

The film is in Italian, does not have English sub-titles and was poorly reviewed, but it is worth watching to see all the pretty femulators and to hear them sing in English (go figure), “Man or woman, man or woman, makes no difference... ”

Two of the kittens appearing in the film Delitto al Blue Gay 

Pass the Story Dept.

The passing success stories continue. Here is one from...


I have a good friend that is supportive of my femulating. A fortnight before Christmas, my friend wanted to visit a gown shop. I travelled by public transport to meet them, then we went on to the shop by bus. We had to change services, so took the opportunity to walk around the outdoor market.

My friend will not wear a mask, but has a battered visor. I wore a leopard print mask. We stopped to look at a stall with visors and glass frames. And a stall salesperson swooped on the potential customers. As the first stall salesperson tried to persuade us to buy two masks. A second stall salesperson approached and asked, “Are you sisters?” 

He tried again, “Mother and daughter?” 

I replied, “Co-workers.”

The War Dept.

If you are a life-long femulator with natural feminine chracteristics (like me), you have likely been the victim of the slings and arrows of white male toxicity at one time or another, as exemplified by our twice impeached president. This article, recommended by Velma, is an expose of white male toxicity and although it does not mention it, white male toxicity is probably an element in Trump's four-year “War on Transgenders.”

Wearing Missoni
Wearing Missoni

A senior femulating moment in the film Delitto al Blue Gay.
A senior femulating moment in the film Delitto al Blue Gay.

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  1. War Department: Not just white males -- the very white former Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVoss, issued more anti-trans guidelines on her way out the door.

    We're a small percentage of the US population and a pretty easy target for haters. Bullies, as we know, always go after smaller targets, but they cower when challenged. We just have to stay firm and "keep our eyes on the prize".