Saturday, January 30, 2021


Just doing some blog housekeeping.

•   I recently rejected a Comment because it contained the N-word. Please do not use the N-word in your Comments – I will just reject it if you do. Also, I would appreciate it if you not use gutter talk, for example, the F-word, etc., in your Comments. Thank-you.

•   Wednesday's Femulator photo of Dávid Hartl femulating Ariana Grande was not Dávid Hartl! It was a photo of Marek Kaliszuk femulating Ariana Grande on Polish television's Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo. I have since replaced Wednesday's photo with one of Dávid Hartl's femulation of Miss Grande and moved the Marek Kaliszuk Ariana Grande femulation into today's Femulator slot with the appropriate YouTube link. (Thank you, Roxanne, for alerting me.)

•   I am always willing to listen to and act on suggestions regarding the blog. Also, I am willing to answer your questions regarding femulating and other girly matters. So, don't be shy – click on the “send me e-mail” link in the blog sidebar and write away. 

Wearing Venus
Wearing Venus

Marek Kaliszuk femulating Ariana Grande on Polish television's Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo.
You can view this femulation on YouTube.


  1. It is amazing how gurls and others will spend years - earn three or more degrees, pump $250,000 or more from them, their parents, state, local. Federal governments and multiple Grant Sources --- then use words they could have gotten quickly in say ten weeks of MARINE boot camp.......What a waste!!!

  2. Dear Stana ,
               I love The Wearing Venus dresses you post , thank you for turning me onto their online store which I am making an account with  ,  I love their dresses .

  3. You make me jealous! I always fancied being a French Maid!

  4. Ooh la la! Stana, you look stunning as a French maid! Have you ever actually cleaned your house dressed that way? I did recently and it was so magnifique to make my house sparkle while dressed that way;)

  5. Sadly I have been forced to turn on comment moderation because of inappropriate comments, inappropriate in both content and language

  6. What a lovely picture Stana. You look really quite young in it.
    It would make a good "Someday Funny" with a suitable caption; something like: "At first Stanley doubted the advice: 'dress for the job you want, not the one you have'; he didn't doubt it now!"
    Penny from Edinburgh.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Penny. I was 27 years younger in that photo.