Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Permanent Eyebrow Methods

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“There are so many ways to style and shape eyebrows to get that perfect natural look, which can make you feel overwhelmed. Did you know that your two brows aren’t the same? You might notice the difference if you look closely, but don’t worry you do not have to create perfectly matching brows. There are some general tips and tricks to help you get those natural-looking brows, including the best professional methods. Having permanent eyebrows is a dream for every woman, but permanent eyebrows can vary from person to person and artist to artist. 

“We will be talking about some of the best permanent methods to help you get thick and natural-looking brows.”

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Wearing Bella Dahl
Wearing Bella Dahl

Francis Cowley Burnand femulating circa 1855
Francis Cowley Burnand femulating circa 1855


  1. i have to admit not being aware of mr burnand before, but i see he was a "sleb" in british victorian society - being editor of the legendary "punch" magazine, as well as a prolific writer in his own right (including collborating on an operetta with arthur sullivan (of "gilbert and" fame).

    it leads me to wonder: did wealthy and artistic young men of that era regularly femulate as part of their privileged upbringing? presumably they all attended all-male public schools (where homosexuality was known to be rife) and later universities (which were also almost exclusively male at that point), where they no doubt queued up to take part in the various plays and musicals that were part of the social calender? and also no doubt were more than happy to play female roles in them, due to a lack of real women available to do so?

  2. I noticed, when viewing still pictures from theatre performance I had been in, that I appeared to have no brows. Actually, I had some brows but they were virtually clear and sparse. A close friend began doing microblading several years ago. She suggested I let her have a go at mine. She had been to dinner with Jeanette so I had nothing to hide.

    I was apprehensive about how my brows would look in male mode but also wanted to feed my female side so I agreed. She outlined my brows and added some individual hair strokes using her microblading tool. She handed me a mirror and I agreed they looked better without being too feminine. She then started working again for another 30 minutes and I asked what she was doing. She apologize saying she was used to working with women and was adding a powder finish. I looked again and my brows were quite feminine. It was too late to worry. Over the next 10 days they got darker, then all but disappeared before finally reappearing in their final state. No one made comment on them afterward.

    Almost all of the shape and color disappeared over the next three years. My friend suggested I let her do my brows again. For the most part, she had moved away from doing microblading to tattooing brows. I was more apprehensive than before because this would be more permanent and I had seen tattooed brows before and they just did not look natural.

    She explained that she used a new technique using a super fine needle and would do individual strokes no larger than a single hair. People can change over three years and I was now to a point where I could give a rats behind what others think so I gave her the OK.

    My new brows turned out perfect. They are much more feminine than I would have felt comfortable with three years prior. Fuller brows are in style now but I don't care for them. I told her she could make them feminine but I did not want the fuller style in case styles change. My brows are now too feminine for a normal man but no one has accused me of being normal.