Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Pass the Femulation

Thank you all who responded to my request for your very best passing success stories – three more stories follow.


If you are at it a long time, there will be a lot of times being read as well as some success stories. Three of the latter:

– Being in Macy's dress department and having a another shopper asking my opinion on a dress for her.

– Two friends needed a fill-in for cards. I played for four hours and the other lady had no clue and later told the other ladies how lovely I was.

– A lady bartender I knew suggested that a lady sitting alone join me. We talked for a long time about a lot of personal stuff and after I told her I was widowed, she asked how old my husband had been.

Beside that, there were dozens of times when I was asked to dance by a fellow. My “bad knee” excuse is starting to wear thin.


I make no effort to pass. No foundation garments, bra, wig or makeup other than nail polish. My age matches yours, but I have just started going out in public about one year ago. My hair stylist encouraged to be who I want to be. Out and about in leggings and tunic or flats daily, but limited in skirts.  

Recently coming out and trying on clothes before buying them. My last outing, the saleswoman said things always look good on me because I have a model's body. I almost dropped to the floor.

I love your support.


I am not confident of my voice and generally steer clear of men. However, on three occasions when looking for wedding dress shops, I have asked for directions. Twice going into shops where two sales assistants, one male, one female were talking.  

On each occasion, having asked my question, it was the male who showed me to the door and outside to then carefully point out the route. 

The third occasion was actually a funeral parlor and this time, only a man came out from the back to help, but as before, he took me outside and pointed out the way I needed to go.  

Does anyone think those men would have been so gracious if “he” had been asking for directions, let alone for wedding dress shops? Each occasion was just so fulfilling.

Wearing Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Alan Manson and Others femulating in the 1943 film This is the Army.
Alan Manson and Others femulating in the 1943 film This is the Army.

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  1. Jim, you are a man after my own heart. like you I do NOT go for the idea of going by a feminine name. Instead I go by my real masculine name.
    I look like a woman no matter what I wear as my hair is longer than shoulder length and I have a noticeable bust. However my deep masculine voice gives me away as a man.