Friday, May 29, 2020

Go Figure

I have been trying to achieve a female figure ever since I slipped on my mother’s bra and girdle in 1963. In that quest, I have experimented with a wide variety of foundation garments and accessories. I have had some success, but I was never completely satisfied with the results.

Recently losing 25 pounds should have made a difference and I thought that with a few tweaks I could finally grab that brass ring. Two problem areas were holding me back: a flat rear end and a roll of fat above my hips.

(For reference: My foundation garments at the time consisted of an underbust corset worn under a Rago Style 2202 long-line bra and Rago Style 6207 high-waist panty girdle. Spanx open-bust panty bodysuit smoothed out the trio.)

The underbust corset ended at the waistline and caused a roll of fat to sit on my hips just below the bottom of the corset. I thought the solution might be a wider underbust corset that extended below the waistline to rein in the roll of fat.

I found just thing on Amazon: frawirshau lace-up underbust corset. It only cost $12.99 and it worked! The roll disppeared!

You’ve read my thoughts here in the past about eschewing butt pads to add some curves to my flat rear. And I was pretty much resigned to those flat facts. But on the heels of my success in getting rid of my roll, I was tempted by Rago Style 915 high-waist padded panty. The price ($27.49) was reasonable, so I ordered the panty and now I have an ass!

The new trio of shapewear works so well that I don’t need Spanx to smooth things out!

I am completely satisfied with my figure now... a promise of femininity fulfilled!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

T is for Trinity Heights Christian Academy in Shreveport, LA, where this charming young laddy struts his stuff in the school’s 1984 womanless beauty pageant

Femulator, circa 1895
Femulator, circa 1895


  1. AnonymousMay 29, 2020

    Just love your blog Stana,
    Would you be willing to post a lingerie photo of
    yourself now that you are satisfied with the result?

  2. Sally StoneMay 30, 2020

    Thanks for sharing your secrets Stana. I have always padded to help me achieve an hourglass figure. My padding is homemade allowing me to get curves that match my real contours. Of course, I wish I didn't need artificial curves, but a girl has to do what's necessary, right?



  3. I'm not quite as tall as you, Stana, and I'd consider myself long-waisted, especially in terms of a female body. It seem like all the padded panty products I've bought turn out to be hip-huggers for low-riders and just don't pull high enough to make my faux-figure look believable. So there I'd be, with my dress waist up around where it's supposed to be and my "hips" considerably further down my body. Does the RAGO 915 find it's way up to where it appears to be where it should be?

  4. Getting that "perfect" figure is the never-ending quest for us. And not just people in our community, it's across the entire femme perspective. Pretty much all of us non-trans ladies construct ours with specialized clothing, etc. But since I'm a theater/Broadway musical junkie my thoughts immediately went to "that" song from "A Chorus Line". Always a treat, enjoy

  5. As they say on the Interwebs -- if there are no photos, it never happened. Show off your new figure, Sweetie! :)

  6. AnonymousMay 30, 2020

    It is amazing how the advertising of "foundation garments" (definitely a 'coded', euphemistic, repressed '50's term)has evolved since the '50's.
    Perhaps you could do an artistic retrospective....?