Thursday, May 7, 2020

Nailing It

I am not full-time, although I wish I was, so I can’t wear my fingernails in a female fashion 24/7. Instead, I wear pre-glued, press-on nails when I femulate. They go on fast, stay on forever and they look good – so good that I have received many compliments on my nails.

My go-to pre-glued, press-on nails were the Kiss brand. I bought and used Kiss nails for years, but Kiss kissed off the product and they are no longer available except for sellers of old stock (and those are drying up, too).

When I learned that Kiss pre-glued, press-on nails were going away, I stocked up, but my stockpile is dwindling and I have been searching for a replacement.

StyleCaster posted an article by Nikki Brown, Best Press On Nails 2020: Stunning Picks for When You Want an Express Mani, that features 10 brands of press-on nails. They are very attractive and I decided to take a flyer on one of the less expensive brands (H&M). I will review them here when I have an opportunity to wear them

Caveat Emptor: Obviously, the fake nails are sized for women. If you have wide nails, the fake nails may not be large enough to cover your natural nails. I am lucky to have feminine fingers and all the fake nails I have ever tried cover my natural nails, but your mileage may vary.

Source: Intermix
Wearing Zimmermann

C is for crossdressing, civilians and Coppell, Texas, where in 1996, Matt Garber’s prom appearance at is hands-down one of the most outstanding Not a Civilian? presentations of all time! By the way, if Matt was “the only male to wear make-up to the junior-senior prom,” it begs the question: Did other male students attend the prom en femme, but without makeup?

Wearing JustFab button front sweater dress and JustFab Sofie peep toe pumps
Wearing JustFab button front sweater dress and JustFab Sofie peep toe pumps for my May 6th photoshoot


  1. Julie M ShawMay 07, 2020

    My go to is the IMPRESS brand. Never had a mishap - they stay on. I do have a problem with wide thumb nails, and can usually only find 1 good pair in each pack. The test are a good variety of sizes

  2. PS - and they are inexpensive, too. Running about $8 for a pack of 25 or so nails. They are available in a variety of colors and even a few different styles.

    PPS - the above comment should read *REST are a good variety* (I really don't like auto-correct!) :)

  3. My wife likes Red Aspen. I haven't tried them but she says they'd work on my "dainty" fingers.