Friday, May 22, 2020

Full-Time Job

Since there is no place to go these days, I only femulate about once a week. (That’s about how often USPS, UPS, FedEx or Amazon delivers something new and girly for me to try on! LOL)

Although I don’t femulate every day, being a part-time girl is a full-time job. Daily maintenance is a big part of it.

Every morning, I shave a different part of my body in addition to my face. For example, this morning I shaved my shoulders and breasts. Tomorrow, I’ll do my arms. Next day, my legs. Etcetera.

By shaving different body parts every day, I am not overwhelmed by the task of shaving everything at once on those days when I finally do femulate.

(By the way, I don’t have much leg hair to shave anymore. It wasn’t always that way; I guess that all the years of using Nair and Veet on my legs must have killed most of the hair.)

Back to daily maintenance...

After I shave, I apply three different products to my face and neck: moisturizer, eye cream and neck cream. To my appendages, I apply leg cream and hand cream.

Besides daily maintenance, there are other things I do to ingrain my femininity.

In boy mode, I will wear female clothing whenever possible. For example, today I am wearing women’s denim shorts and of course, I wear panties every day. Flyless shorts and panties ingrains another feminine habit – sitting to pee.

New shoes means I will walk around in heels for a day or two to break them in. During the secluded portions of my daily walks, I practice walking and talking like a woman. (I wish it was secluded enough so I could break in my heels during those walks!)

It's a full-time job – good thing I like my job!

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

N is for Not a Civilian, as these Southern Belles from Northside (TN) High School fill the bill. “Have you girls done this before?” asks the yearbook caption. 

Gabriel Sanches
Gabriel Sanches femulating in Brazilian television’s Pega Pega.


  1. Those are all great tips. Hair growth can be overwhelming unless you keep up with it. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Sally StoneMay 23, 2020

    Stana, my maintenance routine is quite similar. For me, keeping my eyebrows in shape is a constant part of regular maintenance. My femulating routine has always consisted of a 1 day a week schedule, although, lately, with this virus thing going on, I'm really missing the opportunity to socialize with others. Trying to do so behind a mask isn't much fun.

  3. Thanks Stana. I wish I were so diligent! But since all my usual activities shut down I haven't had a trace of men's clothing on my body -- since March 12 to be exact. Mostly I wore women's casual "stealth" clothing for errands, but for the last month my tops have been obviously femme and I've used only bras that show off my "girls". Easier for me because I live alone. I wouldn't call this a "living as a woman" experience but It sure feels good buzzing around my house with a skirt brushing around my knees. I think I've adapted to this quarantined living pretty well.

  4. AnonymousMay 23, 2020

    Somehow the dog chain around her neck escaped my attention, definitely NOT civilians, but not sure about to which tribe they belong.

  5. Dearest Stana : Really Love your Full-Time Job post article .