Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Photoshop Challenge

In my Mothers and Sons post, I wished I had a photo of my mother with me en femme. Meg threw down the gauntlet, “You're pretty good at photoshop. You should be able to make that picture.”

I accepted her challenge.

I had plenty of photos of moi, but I had no idea how many photos I had of Mom. After going through the family photo albums, it turned out not many.

I chose two photos for the effort. One, which I believe was her high school graduation photo taken in a photo studio, was from around 1940. The second, taken atop the Empire State Building, was from 1949.

The challenge was trying to make my relatively current photos look like photos from the mid-20th Century.

Turned out that the 1940 photo was easier to match than the 1949 photo. It took about an hour to achieve the results that appear in the previous Femulator slot. The Empire State Building photo accompanying this post took over three times as
long and I am still not satisfied with the results, but the effort taught me some more about using Photoshop.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

L is for this Lovely Lass from Lee High School in Columbus, Mississippi. Her perfect hairdo, makeup, figure and accessories gave her away as “Not a Civilian?”

Four of a Kind
Four of a Kind


  1. Fantastic second effort!
    The only oblivious photographic giveaway is Stana'$ shadow --- needs to be lightened and slightly blurred to match the 40s timeframe reproduction! You ago Dame!

  2. Those four ladies need to come to Baltimore's HonFest! All they need is BIGGER HAIR! Bawlamer's beauty motto: "De higher de hair, de closer to Hebbin"!

  3. Well done Stana,

    My Nana was my inspiration and I don't have, can't find any pics of her, which is regretable if not tragic.

    Would as you can imagine, love to have had, the across the ages, photo ad you have managed, thank you, lovely.

  4. AnonymousMay 20, 2020

    In addition to the comments made by Sara, I think another tweak on the photo of you and your mom would be to turn down the contrast on your figure, so that the lighting more closely resembles that on your mom. You look like you were photographed on high-contrast film, while Mom looks like she was shot with a 1940s Brownie (and she probably was).


    1. I tweaked it as you and Sara suggested.

  5. AnonymousMay 20, 2020

    Where did you find that magnificent 'Four of a Kind' photo?
    Penny from Edinburgh.