Monday, May 11, 2020

It’s Monday

It’s Going Away Dept.

Seven months ago, I discovered Gold Bond Ultimate Neck & Chest Firming Cream. It helped the sun damage on my neck and I used it every day.

It seems that Gold Bond has discontinued the product. Old stock sellers are the only source these days and eventually, they will be out of stock, too.

There are other neck firming products for sale and I was wondering if anyone can recommend one before I blow dough on a pig in a poke.

It’s Toni Time Dept.

With all the barber shops and hair salons closed, we now have an excuse for wearing long hair and giving ourselves home perms to look more presentable.

It’s My Wife's Idea Dept.

My spouse orders clothing online. With her M.S., she does not go clothes shopping in brick and mortar stores even when they were open.

She recently ordered two pairs of capris on sale ($30 for the pair). When the order arrived, she tried them on and they were too big. She did not want to exchange them for a smaller size and asked me to return them for a refund.

Before I packed up the pants for shipping, I decided to try them on and they fit me perfectly (a Misses size medium, no less). So I decided to keep them rather than pay $10 for the privilege of returning them for a refund.

I told my wife what I did and she said that maybe I should just order woman’s clothes for myself in the future.

What a great idea!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas Dept.

Snow squalls here Saturday! Can’t believe it. I don’t ever recall falling snow here in May!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

1999 Elysian Fields (Texas) High School
For our E “Not a Civilian?” selection, it is obvious to me who is not a civilian in this 1999 Elysian Fields (Texas) High School “opposite sex day” photo.

Source: Wearing New York & Company and Payless
Wearing New York & Company high-low dress and Payless high heel sandals for my May 6th photoshoot


  1. Hi Stana, a great looking lady, lovely pose too.

  2. Stana who take the beautiful photo of you the outfit?

    1. It is essentially a selfie. I use a small tripod to hold my iPhone and take 10 second time delayed photos with the phone.

  3. I've used a couple Avon firming products.The current one I'm using is "NAKEDPROOF", which replaced an older product. I find it does a good job of firming around my neck and on my breasts. They also have a "Dramatic" firming product which you can also see on this link:

  4. AnonymousMay 11, 2020

    UGH! That Toni product.
    I recall in the 50's and early 60's, the mothers on the block would gather at our house to have a 'Toni party', where those who needed a 'perm' and could not afford a salon style on the Saturday before the Church 'hair display' (remember the Bouffant or Beehive hair style?) would saturate the place with that awful, caustic smell, of Toni home perms.
    Somehow, the the band 'B-52s' name came from the bouffant hair do, a Southern Church Sunday staple. (message: we got $$$ and time to waste on Saturday)
    Along come the 1980's and now men are getting their hair permed into tight bushy curls. This was a big 'thang' where I worked, as the corporation had strict 'hair length standards' (no hair touching the ear (we dubbed that as 'wheel wells') or shirt collar, as well as no facial hair) written into the standard letter of employment. Women were also expected to comply with the same standard, which was a kind of 'invisible sign at the door: 'NO WOMEN ALLOWED'.
    This was also a 'big thing for the men who braved to venture into the realm of women's secrets--aka the beauty parlor, for the perm. Many of the guys I knew who 'got the perm' really remarked on and appreciated the unexpected welcome and doting attention from the lady cosmetologists.
    Social tensions in this corporation were particularly high, as the young workforce of eligible, well paid males literally 'could not buy a date', as during this time, dating a guy with short hair was an unwritten taboo (narc? cop?)among the young ladies.
    Some guys 'got the perm' and others wore (male oriented!) wigs with longer, larger styles on Saturday Night, just to avoid the discrimination and the 'deep freeze' at bars and clubs.
    Then along comes the movie, TOP GUN in 1986, and suddenly -like almost instantaneously- the 'short buzz cut' on eligible males is now an acceptable style according to the ladies. Go figure. And they say women are not fetishists...