Friday, May 1, 2020

Never Gets Old

Five Days in Ohio
I am tapped out, so I am repeating a post I did on a previous May Day. I hope you enjoy it despite it being a rerun.

Velma wrote, “Your comments on having two days out en femme in one week brought a recollection from one of our recent support group meetings. Several of us had concluded that they feel satisfied, grounded, calmed and focused after about two days out femulating per week. More time out than that did nothing to increase the changed feelings, but additional femulation almost became burdensome.”



Sure, it feels good to kick off my heels and take off my girdle after a day out as a woman, but I am always ready to do it over again the next day and the day after that.


Despite my body parts, I am a feminine being and femulating fulfills the need to express that femininity that I had hidden in a closet for most of my life.

And I disagree with the statement that “More time out than that [2 days] did nothing to increase the changed feelings.”

Quite the contrary, every additional minute that I am out en femme just confirms my being as feminine. My feminine reaction to every little thing that occurs when I am out just adds to the pile of confirmations that indicate that I am indeed a woman.

Velma also wrote, “I am aware you have mentioned that you would dress full time if possible. Did you always feel this way or did this desire grow and evolve through time? How many days have you gone dressed en femme on a continuous basis?”

Once I discovered that it was possible to live full time as a woman, I had a strong desire to do so. My commitment to my wife is the only thing holding me back, so I try to fulfill that desire as best as I can  by living full time as much as possible in those chunks of time that do not involve my wife.

My longest continuous chunk of time en femme was seven days the four times I attended Fantasia Fair for the full week. But in my opinion, that does not count because it is not a real life experience. Most of the civilians you encounter in Provincetown are aware that the Fair is in progress and assume every tall woman is a femulator.

So I feel that my longest real life experiences en femme were my five days attending a workshop in New York City and my annual five-day trips to Ohio to attend Hamvention. There most of the civilians are unaware of my origins and I can genuinely experience life as a woman.

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe

Teri Hatcher and David Spade
Teri Hatcher and David Spade on a 1996 episode of Saturday Night Live.
You can view the skit on YouTube.


  1. Stana,

    Thank you for repeating this post – I’d missed it the first time around. I can’t speak for others, but I agree entirely with your point about “more than two days”. I’m one of the lucky ones whose wife fully supports Claire, and the gals often shop together. For me, being with other women, and being accepted as one just confirms what you say about “that pile of confirmations”. One of the few positives of coronavirus restrictions is that I can be me most of the time. And another positive – wearing a mask means I don’t have to use as much makeup!

  2. Even though you have said it before, the message is still true and worth repeating. I can strongly relate with your sentiments, the more I femulate, the less I want to return to the other self. The longest I have presented in feminine is almost 7 days just living my normal life around home, She who does not approve was on an extended assignment out of town and I made wonderful use of the time. I really don't know how long I would have continued in that mode, but I was in no hurry to return to "civilian" life. I only went back to my regular self when some friends insisted I join them for dinner and I did not have any real excuse for not being with them. :(

    I honestly don't know how far I would continue down the feminine road if it were not for my wife. Although Lee is a huge source of contention, I am not ready to go it alone.



  3. Don't feel bad about repeating, Stana. I also missed this post the first time around.

    My longest stretch as Julie was about 6 days, and what I found was Day 1 I was all glam and ready to party. By Day 5 I was in yoga pants and hardly any make up - but I was still enjoying it! I think what helped was having 3 girl friends who were able, willing, and available to go out with me. It was 4 of us, it was 2 of us, but it was always together. Sometimes it was to a restaurant, sometimes it was to do some thrift shopping - once it was taking my car to get an oil change! I also have gone 4 days out of town on business and let Julie hit the town at night - but it wasn't the same all alone. So for me, it's not the length of time, it's who I'm sharing it with.

  4. Over the years those of us who love Drag have gotten the periodic "dose" by watching SNL. Was there ever a more popular one than Dana Carvey's "Church Lady"? Too bad I use an ad blocker -- I would love to watch the David Spade skit.

  5. AnonymousMay 01, 2020

    For me the more time spent as a women the better. I've been married many years and am in a loving relationship I cherish. However if my spose passed I know I would dress full time. This pass winter I had the opportunity to spend almost two weeks as Marie and I enjoyed every minute of the time. It is so much better to treat yourself to a mani-pedi, to get rid of all the body hair, etc. Every day I dressed fully and casually, full make but appropriate for the day. I went out and did routine day to day things, like visiting the library, shopping, the movies and going to the beach wearing a suitable one piece suit. In the late afternoon I would return to my hotel shower and get dressed for an evening out at an upscale cocktail lounge. I met some nice friendly folks most nights and enjoyed their company. how I would like to live as Marie get my ears pierced and experience as much as I can of my chosen gender. Thanks Stana for keeping up this blog.