Friday, May 8, 2020

On My Feet

Tanit commented on my photo in the Femulate Illustrated post, “Very nice - show us the shoes!”

Her wish is my command, so here are photos of my new shoes.

Nine West Bliss pointy toe pumps in a metallic paint snake print (these are “killer” heels and they will require some breaking in before I will feel comfortable wearing them out):

JustFab Sophie peep toe pumps in natural (these 3.5-inch heels are very comfortable and very cute – love the tiny gold padlock):

And I just ordered these from Nine West, their Beck ankle-strap pumps in ivory:

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

D is for Davis (Louisiana) High School in 1968
D is for Davis (Louisiana) High School in 1968, where we find today’s “Not a Civilian?” Runner up is a Downey, California miss, who has appeared in this blog in the past.

Wearing JustFab tweed high-waisted shorts and crop jacket and JustFab Sophie peep toe pumps
Wearing JustFab tweed high-waisted shorts and crop jacket and JustFab Sophie peep toe pumps for my May 6th photoshoot


  1. Thanks Stana. The "Bliss" and the "Beck" pumps rock - especially the ankle-straps. They are gorgeous!!! They do look like they'll break your feet in rather than vice-versa though...๐Ÿ˜‰ Good luck! Hugs, Tanit

  2. Stana, your new wardrobe additions are stunning, and you look fabulous in them!

  3. Those beautiful heels cause a lump in my throat. A number of years ago I had a major problem with my right foot. I got a partial correction, but the fix required major surgery and the foot is now fused and mostly rigid. No more heels. It hit me so hard I actually went through a period of grief. But Mikki needs to exist and I "struggle by" with short wedges or big clunky heels when the need arises. Otherwise just call me Ms. Flats!

  4. I'm very impressed with today's "Not a civilian" entry. If I had been that gorgeous even once in my life I'd still be excited about it. But there might be a little more to it.

    When my foot worked I did a LOT of dancing to Cajun and Zydeco music, which often took me to Louisiana. It didn't take too long to figure why it was so easy to tell the Louisiana ladies from "foreigners". The locals almost always were made up as if they were going to a beauty contest. Friends told me their moms drove them to enter contests and look glam. It's a way of life for girls in Louisiana.

    Our Miss "Not a civilian" is from Louisiana. I assume that good looking woman to her right is her mother. And that mother most likely has "Beauty Contest Winner" coded into her genes. Whatever the nature of the beauty contest, that mom is going to send her "daughter" out there to WIN! And if our contestant is truly not a civilian, she's in heaven!

    Here's a shortened version of a supporting story: Our Cajun dance teacher was drop-dead gorgeous. Both she and her sisters were strongly encouraged to enter beauty contests, by the way. Well, one night her mom had a near-fatal heart attack and when she awoke in the hospital at 5-6am most of her kids were bedside. Before anyone could speak, her mother went into some serious criticism about how her girls needed to fix their makeup and style their hair! No matter that they were grown adults. We didn't know whether to laugh or cringe.