Monday, May 25, 2020

Monday Miss Mash

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby Dept.

Zoe sent me links to two videos that amazed me!

They are vlogs (video blogs) by two young femulators. One is by vlogger F1NN5TER, who dresses in a skimpy Santa’s helper costume (à la Mean Girls) and walks to McDonald’s for an order of fries. The other is by Natt, who switches back and forth from her male voice to a very convincing female voice. At 1:50 spot of the video, Natt encounters F1NN5TER.

F1NN5TER and Natt regularly vlog en femme. It fascinates me how these young femulators are very open about their femulating! I must explore this medium further.

Queerantine Dept.

Jenn sent me an article about a couple in Paris who spent the quarantine dressing in each other’s clothing. The Vogue article documents the outfits that the male wore. As I wrote to Jenn, “I wish my wife and I were the same size, but it's not even close!”

When in France Dept.

“I'm a Boy, Love French-Girl Style, and Want to Try These 5 Basics” is the title of a WhoWhatWear article by Bobby Schuessler, who writes, “Honestly, even though I’m a guy, I often find myself saving various French-girl outfits on Instagram to potentially test out in my own day-to-day life.” Bobby proceeds to show the five French girl outfits that he pines for.

Say it with Your Eyes Dept.

Makeup Tip of the Year: Thanks to the Trump Flu, we all may be wearing masks for the foreseeable future, so emphasize your eyes rather than your lips when doing your makeup.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

P brings us to Pinellas Park High in Florida and Prospect High in Illinois, where we find today’s “Not a Civilians.” Their girlish disguises are one thing, but what really gives them away are their male haircuts or should I say hairdos?

Gary Beach
Gary Beach femulating on stage in a La Cage aux Folles.


  1. I was SO lucky to have seen Gary Beach in La Cage. If our group had bussed to NYC a week later we would have missed him -- he left the show to play Roger Debris in The Producers -- not a bad gig, considering the show won every possible Tony (and probably a few they created just for this amazing show).

    I've seen La Cage a number of times. The first iteration of the show finally made it to DC and it was a revelation -- Drag Queens as actual people! But what I didn't like was the way the producers "pulled their punches". The costumes were not very revealing -- not what I'd become used to in my years of going to Drag Shows. The dancing was way too basic and some of the Cagelles were WOMEN!! It's a DRAG SHOW! Why do we even need "a reveal" at the end of the show??

    The revival of La Cage was very, very different than the original. Same story, but much enhanced. For starters, all the Cagelles were male. Apparently there was a nearly two block line of men auditioning for roles. The dancing was SO MUCH BETTER that it defied comparison! Jerry Mitchell won the Tony for best choreography. There were some numbers that left us almost gasping -- how many flying splits are even possible??? Gary Beach was perfect -- and perfectly over the top as Albin/Zaza. He won the Tony, of course. Also, Cagelles were all over the city that Broadway season. They did appearances at all sorts of events all over NYC -- tons of work for all those backup dancers. Who remembers the Tony Awards that year? All the usual "pretty girls" on stage were Cagelles. The dinner our busload from Baltimore had before seeing La Cage was hosted by two Cagelles. We loved it!

    La Cage aux Folles is a wonderful play that can rise to the level of great with the right director and choreographer. It has won three Best Musical Tony Awards, one for the first production and one for each of the two revivals. Getting past the fact that such a show (the original) had never been done before, I think the production with Gary Beach was the best production. The third iteration was terrific, and unique in that it has a reduced cast and was much more sexy. I can't wait to see the play in revival #3!

  2. I'm glad I'm sitting down for today's "Not a Civilian" edition. The girl on the left has such a natural, easy to manage hairdo. She can go between wardrobes in the blink of an eye, and probably did just that!

    The girl on the left is a different story. The photo in the upper left looks like she's one of the girls on "Girls Dress up as Boys Day". It's entirely possible -- very likely, I'm guessing -- that we're looking at her own hair after a trip to the salon. "Just give her the prize -- this is no contest"!

  3. Thank you so much for leading me down into an "Alice's Wonderland" of online adventures. I linked my way to "Sammyreact" who is most certainly NOT A CIVILIAN!

  4. AnonymousMay 25, 2020

    How can Emanuela have and store so many clothes in a 430 square foot apartment? My total clothing storage space is bigger than her apartment. A tour of how she does it would be entertaining and enlightening.
    Angel Amore

  5. AnonymousMay 25, 2020

    It seems that Finns mother ( few seconds in) was none too happy about her son.....

  6. AnonymousMay 26, 2020

    Finn streams are the best. He just dresses in "girl mode" for fun on the videos and streams. But this week the entire chat voted on a poll so now he's having long hot pink nails for some time.

    Also Btw: The walkies he does on twitch are so fun to watch.

    1. Looks like the Finnster has an admirer --


    F1nn has a whole YouTube channel for his femulation now.

    I wish I could find a way to be paid to dress like this...