Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Maintaining Appearances

It snowed and rained here Monday, so since I was stuck indoors, I painted the kitchen.

Tuesday, I woke up exhausted from going up and down a step ladder all day Monday. (I knew I should have worn flats.)

Too tired to do anything strenuous, I decided to maintain the blog web page. Maintenance was long overdo and I deleted a bunch of old and dead links and updated a few links that had new URLs.

If any of you have a website or blog that has a link to and it is NOT in my list of “T-People & Friends Links,” please let me know (stana-stana at and I will add your website or blog to my list to return the favor.

Source: Wholesale7
Wearing Wholesale7

Steve Martin
Steve Martin femulates in the 1982 film Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid


  1. Ladder??? You used a ladder? Haven't you heard of a roller extension? There is also a paint brush extension for cutting in. I painted my Mom's house without using a ladder.

    Are you living in the dark ages???


  2. I am not sure if your parenthetical (I knew I should have worn flats) was tongue in cheek.
    Whenever I work inside I am largely dressed as a woman. I remember one time my wife wanted ALL of the walls in our house washed down. I wore an older tight black dress, hose and 3" block heel sandals going up and down a step stool all day, changing water, getting the job done.
    We have been sheltering in for the past week and after my daily walk and any needed food procurement I shower and change and I have been dressed in a different dress or skirt and top every day. This virus has kept me from work or getting out so I am making the best of my time indoors.

  3. Wow , this IS serious.....

    Stana saying she should have worn flats.....

  4. That pink Wholesale7 outfit is one of the most memorably stylish outfits I have seen here.
    Penny from Edinburgh.

    1. Indeed! Lady and her outfit is truly stunning in that color. Strangely, this outfit looked more 'peach' shade last night, but NOW looks truly 'pink'. Go figure...
      Just try to decipher their web page and their size numerals to the US standard sizes......
      Doesn't appear to be worth the headache. Had bad experience with overseas orders. Impossible to economically return, unless you contest the whole Visa transaction as fraudulent, (did that with bad computer wifi card) and they void the order. Been there, done that.

  5. "
    Stana saying she should have worn flats.....

    Five Alarms Worth!!!!!

    Roanoke. Va

  6. If you are using a step ladder it does not take long to learn that skirts do not have pockets