Thursday, March 12, 2020

Three Thoughts on Thursday

25,208 Days and Counting Dept.

Thank-you all for the birthday wishes!

Many of my regular correspondents and commenters sent birthday wishes and I was surprised by the “strangers,” readers who I do not know, who sent their birthday wishes, too!

Either way, I appreciated all your kind words! Thank-you!

Postponing the Inevitable Dept.

Monday, I mentioned that next week’s True Colors Conference was the conference that I would be attending that was most likely to be cancelled due to the coronavirus. I was wrong – rather than being cancelled, it was postponed to Wednesday to May 22 and 23.

Coincidentally, there was a ham radio conference on the same dates as the True Colors Conference that I would have attended if I had not committed to present at True Colors. Turns out that conference was cancelled on Wednesday!

Too Close for Comfort Dept.

“I never feel comfortable in the women’s department. I feel like I’m just a little too close to trying on a dress.”

So said Jerry in “The Red Dot” episode of Seinfeld.

On Seinfeld, Jerry did not play a trans character. In real life, I am not aware that Jerry is a trans person.

Larry David wrote “The Red Dot” episode and as far as I know, Larry is not a trans person either.

My point is that the “too close to trying on a dress” line came from a non-trans person. Admittedly, it was intended to be humorous, but I wonder if there is a grain of truth buried in that line.

Do non-trans men feel uncomfortable in women's department because they feel like they are a little too close to trying on a dress?

I don’t know because I am trans. Whenever I am in the women’s department, I always feel close to trying on a dress. In fact, I would love to try on a dress if I see one I like and I have actually done so on more than one occasion in boy mode.

But do non-trans men have thoughts about wearing dresses?

I am sure that the average guy would not admit it except in jest because he would not want to muddle up his masculine image. But, it does make me wonder how close the average guy is to joining our team.

Source: Michelle Mason
Wearing Michelle Mason

Dave Foley
Dave Foley femulating on television’s Kids in the Hall


  1. There is a saying
    "Many a true word is said in jest"

  2. I Love visiting YouTube from time to time to watch "Kids in the Hall" episodes. Monty Python did dressing, too, but they were usually just silly "live cartoons". The earliest memory I have of a star dressing in women's clothing not for an acting gig was photos of Buddy Ebsen in Confidential Magazine. He was apparently well known for his nighttime "episodes" as a woman, according to what I read.

  3. Personally, I blame Yoda ;-)

    "...If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will..."

    Joking aside, perhaps there is that fear. A fear that by experiencing it, the person may find they are comfortable and then uncomfortable knowing it. So begins the cycle until self acceptance :-)

  4. "But, it does make me wonder how close the average guy is to joining our team." much closer than the average wife could imagine

  5. Happy birthday! And thank you for such a fun blog.


  6. Of course, in that episode, Jerry is speaking what the WRITER wrote for the actor. Did Seinfeld write this? I dont know.
    If you are really listening, and have done any reading on various psychological 'quirks/ kinks/ect..', there are a LOT of script writers deliberately insert their own kinks into the dialogue. You have to be studied in what to listen and look for.
    A perfect example of an 'quirk' insert (inserted by whom?) is in Seinfeld's episode "Man Hands". The last lines in the show, between Jerry and Elaine, at the diner.... It is my opinion, that the entire episode was written just for that final line.
    I know the final scene of "Man Hands" video clip exists on YouTube, as well as an audio clip...
    Probably not your interest..... Mine? ;-)

    I do relate to Jerry's comment of 'being a little to close to trying on a dress'. We ALL probably had a rush of adrenaline upon hearing that line. I suggest you succumb to the urge.

    1. As I mentioned in my post, Larry David wrote the episode. FWIW, in a 2005 episode of Larry’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Larry went to Victoria's Secret to buy a bra for his housekeeper. The interaction between Larry and the Victoria's Secret saleswoman was hilarious with the saleswoman reassuring Larry that it was ok if he was buying a bra for himself, while Larry was strongly denying that he was shopping for himself.

  7. Similar to the Seinfeld comment, I wonder what civilian guys think when they say "I like her dress." If it covers next to nothing or clings and leaves nothing to the imagination, I understand. But what about a pretty pattern or cute maxidress? I know what I mean ~ I wonder how it would look on me but for other guys....

  8. CallMeMeg
    You have an interesting point there
    When I look at a dress I have to decide if my interest is the dress, the model inside it or both before buying it

  9. I miss Kids in the hall. I wish that was a video clip with Dave Foley there above.
    To cross dress is a desire, want and near neef. Seeing a Beautiful dress is thought to wear naturally for both one own self and others.