Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How Do We Dress When There's No One — and Nothing — to Dress For?

“When there’s no one to dress for anymore, how do we dress? Can clothes still bring us joy and self-expression when we’re all sitting alone in our homes? Do they lose their power without a witness?”

In a thought-provoking article on POPSUGAR Fashion, Lindsay Miller struggles with how to dress in this era of self-imposed social distancing. Her thoughts on the matter can apply equally to those of us who are closeted and only dress alone at home.

Click here to read Ms. Miller’s article.

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Wearing Tahari ASL

Joe Pocknell
Joe Pocknell femulating on stage in the British production of The Lady’s Trial in 2015.


  1. I have been "dressing for myself" for about 8 months now - due to a new job and major changes in my living situation. I take some photos and then go about my daily chores, but with a feeling of being relaxed and comfortable. So, How Do I Dress When There's No One To Dress For? I dress for myself, as pretty as I want, and enjoy it.

    1. I've been dressing for several years, although the first time I dressed was when I was 15. I love to look at, feel, and wear my ladies clothes, when I'm alone. I dress for me, either when I'm home, or out. I am Veronica Raines. I Love All Of You...

  2. An excellent subject for discussion.
    As we 'social distance' and as all outlets for getting out (stores, movies, restaurants, etc. are shut) we find ourselves with major changes to our routines. I have been dressed more frequently while at home over the past few weeks but I have been doing so without the benefit (extra work) of much makeup and a wig. Simply wearing dresses, hose, heels, etc. brings peace and pleasure and a hard to explain form of relaxation. Since I am not going out I can dispense with the extra effort of applying (and removing) makeup and I can avoid issues with a wig.
    It may not be this way for everyone but it works for me.

  3. TestosteroneMarch 18, 2020

    In times like these, dress like a Joyce; Joyce Bulifant or Joyce DeWitt.

  4. Not being able to go out since my favorite Drag bar closed and merged which another bar and that is now closed due to the virus. Basically I'm doing the t shirt Denim skirt thing at home, some times just a plain dress and no makeup. Just throw something on and comb my hair, that's about it! No where to go and nothing to do.

  5. Wife and I are doing fine. We are at the endpoint of our peninsula on a lake about 12 miles from the nearest town. The nearest neighbor is safely 1/4 mile away.
    Wednesday, I ventured out for a one mile walk wearing pink sweatshirt, and jeans shorts whilst 'enfemme'.
    Today, Thurs 03/19
    Wife complimented me on my choice of black short sleeve sweater top and pink shorts. The weather is almost 70 degrees.
    Wife still calls me 'her lesbian husband', so I guess that I an 'not in trouble'.....

  6. I often wear jumper and skirt with no make up , like any other woman, around my apartment
    If time is tight I can go from male to female and vice versa in less than ten minutes

  7. It is not all that big of a change for me,as I am retired and have been caring for my wife, who has has had ongoing health issues. I was dressing at least part of most days before going out to do errands. Now there are just fewer errands to do. No wig or makeup. can't see the point in it if I'm just staying home.

  8. MD shrink gf asked me what I was wearing over the phone just an hour or so ago. She not only approves...she has encouraged me to be more feminine..using her skills as a certified hypnotherapist to alleviate fear and anxiety...and it's worked. She has prescribed anti anxiety meds along with injectable estrogen, oral progesterone (prometrium) and testosterone killers...spiro.
    So...what am I wearing now? Black satin panties, a matching Flower Bali C cup bra (underwire but no padding), Faded Glory ultimate boot cut skinny jeans, a V necked pink cashmere sweater, knee high black nylons and 3 inch black patent heels. I have spritzed myself with some Burberry perfume that she gave me...and using the cosmetics she gave me....eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, foundation with a touch of blush, red lipstick, diamond stud earrings and a black leather collar with a ring for a leash. My hair is auburn, shoulder length. Last night I had to sleep alone so I chose a red satin long nightgown that she gave me (along with a matching robe). My nails match my lipstick. I have been on her hormone regimen for about 2 years and I am so very happy with the results...everything has changed...and I adore her for doing it. Later I am going to the market to buy food...and I think I'll change into a skirt and blouse with stay up nylons and coordinated heels. It's so nice to be able to feel good about being feminized.

  9. I don't go out enfemme in public, so I wear in the privacy of my house what makes me happy and comfortable: bra and panties, heels and hose (always hose!!) and whatever feminine outfit I'm in the mood for that day. Like a few of the other women have posted, dressing this way brings me peace and joy, because my external can match my internal. And the silver lining to these difficult days is that I can spend the 8 hours I would be in my office dressed enfemme at home:)
    Ciao! Elise