Friday, March 13, 2020


I usually go grocery shopping on Wednesdays, but I tempted fate and went today – Friday the 13th!

I drove 5 minutes to the nearby Aldi and as I turned the last corner, I could see that the parking lot was packed! This was not normal for a weekday morning. The only times I have seen Aldi so busy on a weekday is when a snowstorm is in the forecast for the next day. No snow this winter in our neck of the woods, so it must be coronavirus panic.

I found a distant empty parking spot, parked my car, grabbed my purse and walked as quickly as I could in heels to avoid getting too wet from the rain.

I only had a few items to buy and they were all in stock. (Good thing I did not need bread because the bread shelves were bare.) All the registers were open to handle the crowd and I was able to pay for my purchases quickly.

In contrast to Aldi, CVS across the street was dead. I had to buy some vitamins and was in and out of the store in no time. I arrived back home five minutes later unscathed by the 13th.

Roundtrip was less than an hour, so some may think it was a waste of time for me to spend over an hour doing my makeup and hair and getting dressed to go out en femme for such a short time. But with everything being cancelled because of the coronavirus, the opportunities to go out en femme are getting fewer and fewer, so a girl has to take advantage of any opportunity to be girly.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Robert Reed
Robert Reed femulating on a 1975 episode of television's Medical Center


  1. The shopping patterns created by the virus scare are crazy.

    I fully understand getting dressed for simple shopping. While most of my dressing is around the house and I am often in some form of dress on several occasions I have completed the process (just adding makeup and wig) to make a run to the liquor store for a single bottle of wine or a quick stop at the drug store or even to pick up an item or two at the grocery.
    It is always worth the effort to get even a short run out and about while dressed.

  2. Sounds like a very successful shopping run :)
    and the captioned photo is marvelous ~ i had to save a copy :)

  3. Aldi here had a serious run on 'Potted Meat' and 'Vi-eena' (Proper Southern pronunciation) Sausages....

  4. Sally StoneMarch 13, 2020


    Like you I often take advantage of my girl time by doing necessary errands. It's my hope that the virus scare doesn't put too much of a damper on my usual outings, but I'm sensitive to the need to minimize the spread. Ultimately, I'm going to have to do some errands regardless, so why not do them dressed. Besides, the way I am dressed wouldn't change the risks one way or the other.



  5. That episode of "Medical Center" was groundbreaking for the first sympathetic portrayal of a transgender woman, although then the term was "transsexual".
    It was also the first time as a child I knew what I was. It gave me an identity.