Tuesday, March 31, 2020

When life gives you lemons, Shop!

I receive emails everyday tempting me to buy a new dress, a new pair of heels or a new something else. I consider perusing the offerings, but resist because I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to go out dressed to the nines again.

As it is, I have a  backlog of new outfits to wear out and did not need to add to that backlog. So I promised myself that I would not buy anything for milady until the pandemic blows over.

Then I received an email from JustFab advertising a 60% off everything sale. I was a good girl and deleted the email without visiting their website.

But after two weeks without leaving the premises, my bushel basket of lemons was overflowing. I needed a break from the inaction, so when the 60% sale arrived in my inbox again, I took the plunge and visited the JustFab.

The first thing I encountered was the outfit you see on the right: a pink tweed cropped jacket and matching tweed high-waisted shorts.

“I wish I had the legs to pull off that outfit,” I thought to myself.

Then I reconsidered, “Maybe I do have the legs to pull off that outfit!”

So I added the outfit to my virtual shopping cart, paid the virtual cashier and sipped a glass of lemonade waiting for the man to deliver to milady.

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company

Sailor femulating aboard the S.S. Caronia, circa 1955
Sailor femulating aboard the S.S. Caronia, circa 1955


  1. Thanks for the link to Just Fab. Shoes for $10, and then some. How can a girl go wrong? And you don't have to leave home. Let's hope we can eventually show off all these new outfits at some point.


  2. You will look hotter than a pepper sprout in that out fit Stana. Trust me, most women would kill to have your killer legs. Amen.
    Angel Amore

  3. Stana, i have no doubt you have the legs for that outfit!

  4. "Sailor femulating aboard the S.S. Caronia, circa 1955"


    1. I think that sailor might have been the inspiration for The Village People's "In the Navy". Ha!

  5. Stana does have the legs to pull it off and we wait for her "show off" pictures to be posted soon

  6. When life hands you lemmons...
    Have on hand:
    Sugar, mint leaf, vodka, bourbon, Lemmon cello, ice, shaker, proper glassware...

  7. Great photo -- clearly the inspiration for The Village People's "In The Navy"!

  8. What's this about "legs"?? Hosiery companies should be using your fabulous legs for their commercials! Promise you'll model that outfit and post photos for us.

  9. A proper history (with photos) for S.S.Caronia
    Was our fumulator a Passenger? Crew?
    Definitely a FUN CRUISE SHIP.
    Perhaps our femulator was dressed for the coronation of the Queen? (read the history).