Monday, March 30, 2020

It’s time to admit it

“Let’s stop beating around the bush. We don’t just have the worst President in the history of the United States. We have no President. We have a psychotic evil blob at the wheel who goes around insulting and taunting everyone as his own ship sinks and people drown.”

On Sunday, “Donald Trump bragged that perhaps only a hundred thousand Americans will die because of the actions he’s taken, instead of a couple million Americans. Wait, what action? He’s done nothing. All of the shutdowns and lockdowns have been done at the state or local level. Governors are scavenging for their own medical supplies. States are forced to compete with each other for resources because there’s no coordination at the federal level.

“Actually, this is worse than if there were no President of the United States. Imagine if the office were simply vacant. In such case any competent officials in the federal government would be doing the best they could with this crisis, of their own accord. Instead they all have to answer to the psychotic blob, who refuses to do the job but who insists on incoherently and vindictively interjecting himself into the decision making process anyway.”

The above text comes from the Palmer Report by Bill Palmer and matches my sentiments exactly.

I live in the epicenter of the Trump Virus and people are scared to death, while that narcissistic woman-hating transphobe sits in the White House giving himself a “10” for the job he has done handling this disaster. If he had been on the case from the get-go instead of claiming that the virus was a “hoax” week after week, we would not be in the predicament we find ourselves in today.

Damn you, Donald, and damn everyone who defends you.


  1. Every. Single. Word of this! I am so frustrated and angry and sickened and saddened by trump's response to this crisis from the very beginning! As was said, we would be better having no president and letting the experts run the show, instead of having them be derailed at every turn by a petty narcissist more concerned about TV ratings than people. Grrr....I could go on and on...

    I find it always makes it a little bit better to know that I'm not alone in my feelings, do thank you for sharing this. Stay safe, stay sane, wash your hands, and keep trying to smile! The world needs more of that:)
    Ciao! Elise

  2. Thanks Stana, I have never heard of the Palmer Report. Palmers' reportage is just the tip of the iceberg. This crisis is a total scandal of historic and holocaust-ic proportions, with a great many hidden political and racial agendas as to who does and does not 'receive alms and grace' from the Pres-Almighty, On High.

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  4. I agree, but even more amazingly there are plenty of Republicans who agree. Here is the link to an advertisement published by a group of Republicans who are outraged by the President's response to the coronavirus crisis:

    It is a one-minute video titled "Why Did President Trump Lie About the COVID-19 Crisis?", published by Republicans for the Rule of Law. It maps what Trump says in his own words against a graph showing the number of cases growing over time.

  5. Thank you, dearest Stana, for speaking truth against power. Stay well!


  6. Truer words were never spoken, Stana. He just doesn't understand that people are scared and want information from the federal government about what to do - and it is incomprehensible when he says one thing and denies saying it the next day! Ratings are meaningless in this time of pandemic. 🤬

    1. Information you desire?
      Worry no more!
      Just mosey out to your mail box for a POST CARD from your Beloved(?) Fuhrer.
      The front of the card reads in LARGE 66 point type:

      The rear of the card offers common sense recommendations, most of which probably conflict with 'whats his name's own blowviations...

      Post Card brought to you by....
      Your TAX DOLLARS(!) masquerading as CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION....
      P.S. Next week he signs your 'Virus rebate check'. Personally. One by one. What a man! (gush, gush)

  7. I am saving MY 'Trump Corona Virus Postcard' for TOILET-PAPER :-)

  8. I agree! Thanks for weighing in with such a strong statement. We have a responsibility to state the facts even if some of our readies do not like it.

  9. Heard on NPR this morning: Gov. Hogan, our GOP Guv here in Maryland -- who's doing a really good job, by the way -- didn't have much good to say about "The Orange Menace". When asked about cooperation with the White House he said, "We're dealing with the smart people". The trumpster was not on his list of names. Imagine that.

    When asked what he wanted from the Governors, the orange menace said, "appreciation for all he's done". That jerk is dropping the ball and what he wants is everyone kissing his ass like his cabinet secretaries do on a regular basis. How's that fit with the 6-foot separation guidelines??

  10. I don’t understand how Trump supporters don’t see right thru this guy. I was a moderate Republican for many years (not anymore) They ignore the facts and spin their own reality.
    I was stationed in Germany in the late 1970’s and worked with many Germans who were WWII veterans. I remember well the Friday afternoon cook outs where after a few beers the tongues would loosen, and the stories would start. “We were fighting the Bolsheviks” “Hitler was a good man” “Germany was in peril from Russia” “ He did a lot of good for Germany” This being said about a man who was the largest mass murdered in history and literarily left his country in ruins.
    Sadly, what is happening with Trump is just repeat of history, I am sure there are many who long for Sadam Hussien and in Russia today there are many busts of Stalin going up in public.

    1. Hmmm..... If Germany was fighting the Bolshveiks why did he sign a non-aggression pact with them? Interesting how history manages to "change". Why just the other day didn't the orange menace tell us he was on top of the coronavirus from day one??? How come nobody else seems to remember that version???

    2. Often it is a total mystery as to why and how a person 'aligns themselves' politically, economically, socially.
      In most cases, the poorly educated working class high school 'grad-di-ate' is totally mis-educated, often at the deliberate direction of the state "Bored[sic] of Education" (remember that 'monkey trial thing'?) with myth and lore as to how the real economic and political world works, and as low paid employees, assume a 'status' much greater than their income level often as ego compensation.
      Why do people still align with Trump? Ego, mostly. NOBODY wants to publicly admit they made a mistake. There is also a factor that many of his followers simply lack critical thinking skills. They have no skills as to if a politicians statement passes the 'sniff test'.
      After Nixons resignation, anybody admit to voting for him? TABOO Topic!

    3. Here's a gem from my "Borowitz" mailers:

      Satire from The Borowitz Report

      Trump Practicing Distancing from All His Prior Statements About the Coronavirus

      By Andy Borowitz

      April 1, 2020

      WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—Issuing a new distancing guideline on Wednesday, Donald Trump said that he was now practicing distancing from all of his previous statements about the coronavirus.

      “As of today, I will be keeping a great distance between myself and anything I said about covid-19 in the months of January, February, and March,” he said. “I will be staying at least six feet away from those statements, and probably more like ten thousand feet.”

      Trump said that he could not predict how long his new practice of distancing would continue, but indicated, “Next week, I will probably be distancing myself from things I said this week. This could go on for a long time.”

      He urged all Americans to distance themselves from his previous statements, as well. “If you’re watching CNN or MSNBC and they start showing things I said in February, leave the room immediately,” he advised.

      Dr. Anthony Fauci, the esteemed virologist, expressed approval of Trump’s new policy. “Personally, I have been distancing myself from his statements for months,” he said.

  11. he is nothing nore than a selfish, megalomaniac pig....but i'm afraid Americans will vote him in ):

  12. Do all americans listen to Trump? At first when the virus hit New York, I was told by many its a "stupid flu" and I thought "stupid americans" will be walking around with the virus showing no symptoms and spreading it like wildfire.

    Thats what happened. 1 month ago I travelled to 5 cities in a short time frame and hand sanitizer, clorox wipes and masks were nowhere to be found in stores. I saw very very few people wearing them or being careful. I chose to self isolate based on travel and limit my activities because I had flu like symptoms Until I could get tested and then the 14 day if you travel guidance came out.

    The italians as well ignored the idea to stay home and not meet up at the cafe and are chasing the virus like america is

    Canada sent 16 tons of medical supplies to China and now has very little for themselves

    This is serious and I was told that washing your hair everday is also important

    I am dismayed that politics includes the thought of letting non-followers die so that one can be re-elected

    I see those that call it a stupid flu are trumpers, those that call it a virus are democrats and those calling it covid-19 are plain scared

    We have Trudeau that fired women, 3 times had blackface, political intervention and is in bed with the climate change fanatics and got re-elected but at least he is playing this pandemic a lot smarter and will save a lot of lives

    Wash your hands, wear a mask, stay home, wash your hair , follow physical distancing, and be safe until we can get this behind us

    I Think only reason to go out is to buy stockings and make up from the Pharmacy or Grocery store and do it enfemme