Thursday, March 5, 2020

Location, Location, Location

Driveway en femme
Our first house was a crossdresser’s nightmare!

It was less than 50 feet away from our neighbor’s house. Our driveway ran along the property line between houses and our garage was under our house, so when leaving the house, I would have to back out of the garage and then proceed forward on the driveway for about 100 feet to the street, all in full view of the neighbors if they happened to be out on their deck, which faced our house, or out roaming the yard between houses.

As a result, coming and going en femme was an adventure. Before leaving en femme, I would have to check to see if all was clear before opening the garage door and making a quick getaway. Coming home was less problematical because I usually returned home after dark.

One time, I checked and all was clear, but by the time I got into my car and backed out of the garage, my neighbor had come outside and was standing on the deck. I avoided looking at her, but out of the corner of my eye, I could see that she was watching me. I was so flustered that I pulled out onto the street without checking for traffic. Imagine if I had a car accident in front of my house while en femme!

My neighbor never mentioned the incident.

Our second house is a crossdresser’s dream!

The property across the street is reservoir property and as a result, it is undeveloped woodland and will probably remain so forever. My nearest neighbor’s house is over 200 feet away and my property is so treed in that there is no worry about my comings and goings en femme. In fact, I have walked down our 120-foot driveway en femme on a number of occasions to fetch the mail and newspaper without a care.

And so I go.

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  1. It is only in the past few years that I no longer drive a manual transmission car. In our last house we had a twisty 175' uphill driveway. While not totally private it was not as open as the condo where we now live.
    One time I was dressed with 3.5" pumps pulling up the driveway in a sports car with a very, very heavy clutch. I had to ride the clutch all the way up the driveway. To release it would cause a stall and kicking it back released the torque. Halfway up the driveway in my heels I got a horrific cramp in my left calf. Pain was terrible but I let the clutch out and pulled out straight to the street having no alternative.
    As a stick shift girl I knew you would understand

    1. Close call and yes, I do understand! LOL

  2. One time about 10 years before I transitioned I locked myself out of the house and my spare and my spare key was hidden at the patio in the backyard, so I had to walk all the way around the house on a spring Saturday afternoon when everyone was working in their yards.

  3. I'll bet they don't realize it is Stanley when they see you "dressed" because you are Stana then and you look so attractive as a woman.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Connie.

  4. When I'm at home I almost always wear as it is more comfortable than shirt and pants. I take the trash to the curb and cut the front lawn wearing my dress. I answer the door wearing a dress.
    If people see me wearing a dress I DON'T CARE.

    1. I used to care in our first home because my daughter was going to school with the neighbor’s kids and I wanted to protect her as much as possible from potential bullying. In my second home, my daughter is no longer in school and the neighbors are so far away that I hardly know them, so I don’t care anymore.

  5. I had this random thought as I was reading Connie's comments: What if your neighbor had seen that very attractive lady driving off in your car -- and called Stanley to tell him his car was being stolen??

  6. I think we all have "getaway stories". We had a member of our now-defunct Tri-Ess group (CES) who always backed into her garage. When dressed she said she took off out of her garage like she was starting in the Daytona 500! She didn't give her neighbors enough time to see who was driving the car!

    I live in a Baltimore rowhouse and don't have much "cover" for my getaway. My strategy always starts with planning ahead. We only have street parking here, so I get all my errands done the day before Mikki is going out and snag a parking spot in front of my house. Early on I'd wait until dark and until I saw nobody to my left or right before I made my mad dash to the car. The longer I've dressed the more I've become comfortable with Mikki and now I'm not very concerned with who sees me. But we do have kids on the block, so I still make an effort to avoid them. Otherwise, if someone sees me, they see me. That, plus my foot surgery has taken me out of my heels and removed the phrase "mad dash" from my lexicon. I still use my parking strategy, but now it's more because my foot hurts than avoiding detection. Being Mikki is LOTS more important to me than worrying about being spotted. So far, so good.