Sunday, March 15, 2020

Nailing It

I have been a proponent of pre-glued press-on fake nails ever since I tried on my first pair back at the turn of the century. They go on quickly and last for days as long as your daily pursuits tend to be on the dainty side of the street. In other words, don’t expect extended wear if you plan to use a jack hammer.

During my annual five-day trips en femme to Hamvention, one set of nails usually lasts the whole trip and on more than one occasion, one set of nails lasted a whole week at Fantasia Fair. (But your mileage may vary.)

I am lucky and have long thin girly fingers, so the size of the fake nails is usually not an issue, whereas it may be an issue for girls with bigger fingers. The main problem I with pre-glued press-on nails is finding them.

I started with Revlon’s pre-glued press-on nails, but Revlon discontinued the product. Then I switched to Kiss pre-glued press-on nails, but they discontinued the product, too. I managed to stock up on Kiss nails by purchasing all I could find on the Internet, but those sources have dried up and I face a Kissless future!

Jenn to the rescue!

She sent me a link to a Cosmopolitan article titled “I Wore Every Press-On Nail Brand (Really) and These 5 Were Best.” Two of the top five were pre-glued press-on nails, whereas the other three were not pre-glued. Now I have two new (to me) sources for the nails I prefer to wear!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Crossdressed dance marathon, circa 1935
Crossdressed dance marathon, circa 1935


  1. Stana, thanks for the press on nails info. I had a TG do a make over which really taught me how to do make up, which foundation color worked best (peach) and these Revlon sticky nails. For a part timer like me they have been a god send be ause without your nails done and stockings I cannot picture going out en femme. I refuse to go out and about wearing sweats and a pony tail wig because I would not feel femenine. However, I suppose going out so casual probably means I really am not a part timer. The nails really completes the look. I have purchased just the double sided tape pads from some beauty supply store which even has plain nails that allows you to put polish. Revlon to me are the best, then Kiss.

  2. My brand of choice has been Impress - pre glued, press on, and LOOOONNNGGG lasting. In almost 10 years of use, I have had 2 nails fall off - one because I was trying on clothes that were too tight and had to struggle to get a top off! (giggle) But I do have trouble with my thumbs, the pack usually has only 2 nails large enough for the thumbs.

  3. I cringed with terror with the image of Miss Boston Proper on those irregular cobblestones in her heels. Wanna try to cross that street on stilettos? Fug-ged-abou-dit!!