Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Not Being Catty

The Oscars were on television Sunday night, but after spending over two hours moving the eight inches of snow that fell overnight, I was very tired and decided my beauty rest was more important than watching the beauties on the television. As a result, I did not make any effort to stay up beyond my normal bedtime to watch the whole show.

And since I missed over half the show, I don't feel qualified to be catty like I was for the Grammy awards earlier this month.

I did catch a few of the gowns the ladies wore and I particularly liked Reese Witherspoon's white and black off shoulder Tom Ford gown. I can see myself in something like that, although I can't think of any upcoming occasion I will be attending that would call for an evening gown.

My law school is holding a local get-together to give the Connecticut alumni an opportunity to meet the new president of the school. I thought about attending if the weather is cooperative (it has not been very cooperative lately), but I won't need an evening gown for that reception. I think that even a cocktail dress would be too much. However, I am sure I can find something in my wardrobe that would be appropriate.

And so it goes.

Source: Bebe

Wearing Bebe.

Actor Candy Darling.

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  1. It's been a little down letting for me that occasions and functions that had the slightest formality about them have been down graded to business casual at best. We need more interest and occasion in presenting ourselves in the lovely outfits fit for presenting in!