Monday, February 9, 2015

Alice's Favorite Photo (of Alice!)

Choosing a favorite photo of myself is actually quite difficult. I have a few photos that I quite like, but over the past few years, two fairly significant things have changed how I view my own photos.

First, in 2011, at age 42, I stopped wearing wigs after working out how to fudge my hairline. After that, I found that I just wasn't all that keen on older photos where I was wearing a wig.

Then in 2012, I decided to challenge myself to try to pull off the 1950s pinup style. There were several reasons, including that it adds a lot of hair styling options and high stiletto heels are a perfectly acceptable part of the look, even when wandering around a shopping center. ;-) Fairly soon, I found that I wasn't all that keen on older "plain" photos.

Ironically, in spite of having many, many photos where I was wearing high heels, my favorite photo at present is a seated selfie taken at the salon when I went for my fortnightly nail appointment. Yes, even in boy mode, I always have my nails long with acrylic overlays to protect them and painted usually bright red to go with my favorite pinup outfits

I like this photo so much that it's now the profile photo on my boy profile on Facebook!

In response to my open invitation to send your favorite photo along with the story behind it and the reason it is your favorite photo, I received a lot of photos and stories that I am posting in the the order I received them. My invitation still stands, so don't be shy, send me your fave foto!

Source: MyHabit

I'd wear that to work this spring!


If she came in third, imagine what the winner of this womanless beauty pageant looked like!


  1. Alice! I love that your using this photo as your boy Facebook photo! I'm this close || to coming out. And will answer most with no I'm not having GRS, I'm just increasing my clothing options!

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