Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fernanda’s Favorite Photos (of Fernanda!)

Fernanda prefaced her story with, “Since my native language is Spanish, my English is bad, I hope to be understood.” Despite the language barrier, I think Fernanda got her point across, so here is her story exactly as she wrote it.

A few years ago, I met a woman at a meeting of TV's, talking a little, she asked me since when I felt my feminine side, I said, since I can remember. Then I asked a question, and so spent two hours of questions and answers. Finally he asked me that almost did not attend the meeting, I said that what happened is that I liked going to the movies, concerts and dining at restaurants. Then she asked me why not go out the next time I was in Mexico City.

My next trip to Mexico City, beautifully dressed decided to leave on Friday, as almost always do. I remembered this friend's invitation, and I sent him a message, she replied that we met at 7 PM in cinema the Chopo.

As it was Friday traffic was all chaos, in other words I was late, how good this other friend waited for me, but we could not go to the movies. When you get to my car, I said we could not go to the movies because she had an appointment at 10 PM. I told him if he wanted to take her home, thanked me, but then I said, let's Liverpool (department store) because I have to buy a gift for my daughter's teacher, it's your birthday.

This is the first time I walked into a store, I get nerves but I want to. We parked the car and walked toward the elevators. When we walked into the store, there were a lot of people, I did not even 10 steps and you had the confidence to walk like my whole life had gone to the store in my favorite clothes. We went to the section bags, had a good time watching them and commenting, look at this this big but really not worth much--this is not leather, but it seems.-- etc. She finally settled on an ocher color, although it was small, you could fit several things.

We went to the register to pay, my friend paid in cash, the cashier took the woman's purse and put it in a bag, my friend took it and we turned around, like many people, we got in single file.

I back at it I hear the cashier tells me, Miss, do not turn and again said Miss, I turned and motioned me toward change, fast back and received it, thanked him. I caught my friend and gave her the change.

As we were leaving and I thought I should take some pictures in Liverpool, I told my friend, hey, go to the first floor and I take a picture on the railing to look downstairs background. We went and stood on the railing and took my picture. I saw the lingerie department and quick and I said, take me one photo in the lingerie, she said was fantastic and CLICK photo on the lingerie department.


On leaving Liverpool, told are 9PM, I'll take you home, she said no, we go to a bar around here and we had a drink, I turned to excite and told OK. We left the car in the parking lot and walked to the Bar.

We went in and the waiter ask us how many? Only two she said, come over here ladies. He had quite a few people, my friend ordered tequila and I'm a daiquiri and we started talking.

She gave me some tips, particularly, how should dress a woman my age, what are the distinctly feminine gestures, such as putting the arms to eat etc. At the final, take two drinks each. I asked for the bill, then she told me, is practically a pact among women, when out to eat or drink the cup, everyone always pay your bill, so we did.

Since we paid, I asked the waiter if we could take a picture.


My open invitation to post your favorite photo along with the story behind it and the reason it is your favorite photo still stands, so don't be shy, send me your fave foto.





Source: Light in the Box

Wearing Light in the Box.





Actor Alex Newell in television’s Glee, 2009.


  1. Dear Fernanda,

    Your photos are lovely. You are an attractive woman. Stana is right ... your English is good enough that we native English speakers can understand your writing about your very nice time shopping. Thank You.



  2. Sounds like you had a enjoyable day out shopping. Thanks for the story.

    1. Thank you dear Ella.
      Indeed I spent a very exciting day. Thank you very much for your words. If you like visitarma on my facebook, are all my fotograías through history.

      If you like to ask me anything, I will gladly answer, my e-mai is:

      I send a lot of kisses.


  3. Dear Sheila
    Thank you very much for your words, encourage me to have friends in the Anglo-Saxon world, because all my friends are Spanish-speaking world.
    My email is (, if you want to ask something, I will gladly answer. Also I leave the address where are all my photos through the years:
    I send a lot of kiss


    1. Dear Fernanda,

      Thank You for FRIEND-ing me on Facebook. I looked at your lovely photos on your Facebook account. I especially love your beautiful black chiffon ruffled skirt. You look wonderful in all the photos.

      A lovely transwoman from Mexico joined my Orlando area social and support group a few months ago. She now lives in Florida.



  4. Dear Sheila
    Thanks for your comment on my photo Flickr. Indeed, the black chiffon ruffled skirt is my favorite, as you see, I've used a lot and for a long time. I bought it many years ago in Barcelona, Spain. I think I like a lot, It is like skirts that was used in the 50's, do not you think?

    Was in the early 50's when I put the first skirt, obvious, of my mom (I have not sisters, I have two brothers). Sure, the skirt was too big for my, but I felt very happy. I see, that you also love the fashion of the 50's, am I right?

    I hope we keep talking. You can ask me whatever, I gladly will answer.

    Question: Since when you feel your femininity? I felt circa four years old (1954).
    A lot of kisses and a hug.