Monday, February 2, 2015

Go Patriots Go

I have been a Patriots fan since they were the Boston Patriots and played in Fenway Park, so I go way back. During the past 55 years, there have been a lot of ups and downs, but the last few years have been sweet and Sunday's Super Bowl win was the sweetest win yet!

Out of the blue, my little sister became a football fan this year... a Patriots football fan no less. Over the season, I taught her the rules and strategies of the game and by the end of the season, she had a good handle on the game and was thrilled that the team she selected to follow won the Super Bowl.

She was happier than me about the win and I was happy for her because after a year of serious health issues, she deserved some joy in her life!

Wearing Velvet by Graham & Spencer.

Male model Marso Tima.


  1. I picked New England to win... crazy game,,,,

  2. Ha Ha! All my very few SeaHawk Fan friends now know how it is to be a Bengal fan! Karma is a bitch :) and a fun one at times LOL!

  3. I'm not a fan of either team (don't like Belichick, can't stand Richard Sherman) but it was an enjoyable game. You talked about being a long term Pats fan. Years ago when I was quite young, we went to see Love Story at a neighborhood theater. I was standing on the sidewalk at the end of the line when someone walked up behind me. I glanced in the glass of the store we were in front of before I turned around and looked up and up and up and up at the human I had ever seen. I looked at him and said, "You gotta play pro football." He almost seemed embarrassed when he said yes. He was the late Houston Antwine, DE for the Pats. I also had a friend whose brother, Lenny St. Jean played for the Pats.

    1. That's supposed to be..."largest human I had ever seen."

  4. I don't follow the football, but I love the new look Stana!