Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Femulating Live from New York!

Horatio Sanz on SNL in 2005

I have been binge-watching VH1 Classic's 19-day 24/7 marathon broadcast of Saturday Night Live episodes from 2015 to 1975. They started with episodes from 2015 and are working backwards in time to the very first show featuring the Not Ready For Prime-Time Players. Currently they are showing episodes from circa 2000 and coincidentally Monday night they had Tom Brady's hosting of SNL in 2005.

To tell you the truth, I have not watched SNL religiously over the years mainly because I need my beauty rest. As 11:30 PM approaches on Saturday nights, I have to decide between beautiful or amused. Beautiful often wins out and I go to bed.

To really tell you the truth, at my age it's not a choice between beautiful or amused, rather I am just tired and want to go to sleep!

Either way, a lot of the episodes that I binge-watched were new to me. And I was surprised by how many femulations I missed over the years. I was not even aware of many of them, for example, Ashton Kutcher as Julia Roberts or Justin Timberlake's appearances en femme.

I was most amused by MeHarmony, SNL's parody of the online dating service eHarmony. Here it is if you haven't seen it; I highly recommend it!

Source: ShopBop

Wearing Alice + Olivia.

Comedian Will Forte on television's Saturday Night Live (the MeHarmony bit) in 2005.

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