Saturday, February 7, 2015

Hannah’s Favorite Photo (of Hannah!)

Hannah_Gotta_www Hi Stana,

I love this picture because I think it represents one of the high points in my life as a T-girl.

I started a group about a year ago called The MN T-Girls, a social and support group for crossdressers and transgirls in Minnesota. More information about the group can be found here.

The purpose of the group is to get out and be social and have fun. We go out for dinner, to museums and have coffee.

The highlight of our outings so far is when I organized an after-hours shopping event with ULTA. We had about 15 girls there who chatted with makeup artists, received makeovers and did some shopping. It was so fun. I was so proud of the girls, some of them had never been out of the house before. I blogged about the event here.

The picture was taken a little after midnight, I was exhausted. but never felt more beautiful or proud to be a T-girl!

Love, Hannah





Source: MyHabit

Wearing Thakoon.






Womanless beauty pageant contestant and her proud mother.


  1. What a great picture and a great story!

  2. Whoah! It's weird when someone whose blog you follow turns up as a guest in the blog of someone else you follow.
    Love both your blogs. xx and xx