Thursday, February 12, 2015

Being Catty

Sunday, I flipped the night away between the Grammy Awards on CBS and the Saturday Night Live Rewind on VHF1 Classic.

Old lady that I am, I don't care for most of the music presented during the Grammy Awards and I watch the program mostly to see what the girls are wearing.

Rhianna got rave reviews for this gown, but I did not like it one bit. It looked like she was wearing bubble wrap and way too much of it to boot.
I also did not care much for Justin Bieber's dress, but it was nice to see him expressing his feminine side again. justin
On the other hand, I liked Beyonce's gown. It was very classy, but it is not something I would wear (I don't like my drag to drag). beyonce
My favorite was Taylor Swift's outfit. It was so Stana... definitely something I would like to wear!

And so it goes! (I’ll be Catty again after the Oscars.)





Source: Rent the Runway

Wearing Versace






Florin Ristei femulates singer Elena Gheorghe on Romanian television’s
Te Cunosc DE Undeva! (Your Face Sounds Familiar!).


  1. Well... *I* think the Justin Bieber comment was funny...! :-D

  2. I think the black dress is very becoming on Justin Bieber. He should wear it more often.

  3. I think he should wear dresses more often.