Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Saturday night is alright for dressing

It is always nice to go back to work after a long weekend off and half way through the first day back you realize it isn't Monday, rather it's Tuesday!

As a birthday gift, my daughter wanted to see the “Legends” show at Foxwood Casino. Specifically, she wanted to see the Elvis impersonator, so we went to the casino Saturday night to see the show.

We had about a half hour to kill before the show, so we played slots and people-watched.  I quickly had a $75 hit on a 50-cent slot machine and decided to quit while I was ahead.

So, I sat back to see what the other women at the casino were wearing.

The girls sure get gussied up Saturday night at the casino! I saw more women in high heels and dresses in a half hour at the casino than I did the previous week.

I also saw a few girls like me in high heels and dresses, assuming my trans-radar was functioning correctly. Regretfully, I was not dressed pretty because I was out with the family.

The show was very good. In addition to an Elvis, they had a Tina Turner, a Johnny Cash, a Michael Jackson and an Adele. They all were excellent impersonators.

My wife thought the Tina impersonator might be a male, but I disagreed and my wife acquiesced to my opinion because of my expertise on such matters!






Professional femulator Larry Edwards as Tina Turner




Source: MyHabit

Wearing Surface to Air top.


  1. Dear Stana,

    As a big Elton John fan, I loved your post's title. Elton is my favorite musician. Of course, the song title you altered actually came from Elton's long-time lyricist, Bernie Taupin.



    1. Hi Sheila,

      I definitely prefer dressing to fighting on Saturday night! LOL


  2. I have not been to Foxwoods but I am glad that many of the patrons there do take the time to dress nicely. Comparing casino goers in Vegas and AC it was my opinion that the Vegas folks put more time and effort into their attire than the AC folks.
    Driving up from the shore this morning there was a conversation on one of the talk stations about the demise of several AC casinos and one commentator blamed it, in part, on the extreme casual nature of the attire of the people in AC. She said that in the old days people would get dressed nicely to walk the boardwalk in AC and that even in the early days of AC casinos people would put some energy and effort into how they would dress when they would hit the casinos. Lets hope that this message is not lost and that people do put some thought into how they will appear in public when out in a casino.

    1. At both Connecticut casinos, there is a lot of dressing to the nines on Saturday night. I have not been to AC since the CT casinos opened. In fact, the last time I went to AC was so long ago that the Trump casino was still the Playboy casino!

  3. Pat, I think a lot of it is that people STAY in Vegas, and AC is often a day trip. Heels and a skirt to the gaming tables from your room upstairs is much easier than heels and a tight skirt on a bus 2-3 hours from NYC or Philly, the tables, then 2-3 hours back on the bus. Busses tend to generate sweatpants. The demise is probably most due to new casinos at racetracks pulling off the players - I think the biggest slots handle in the US is in NYC at Aqueduct.

    Hmmm Stana.. the CT casinos seem friendly to special girls? There were a few walking around? (I trust your radar)

    1. I have gone to both CT casinos en femme on a number of occasions and my experience is that the CT casinos are very friendly to trans ladies. FWIW, Foxwoods is an active member of the Greater Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

  4. high heels and dresses are my love