Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Girls


Cyrsti wrote about " breast size obsessions in cross dressers and transgender women" yesterday, which got me thinking about my "girls."

I never obsessed about having big breasts.

I was cursed/blessed with feminine breasts. In boy mode, I obsessed about hiding them. But in girl mode, I was proud of my natural breasts. I was happy with their size, so I never wore any padding or falsies (unless I was trying to squeeze my breasts together for enhanced cleavage).

The only problem is that for decades, I wore the wrong size bra --- a size too small. My bra was was making my breasts appear smaller than their natural size.

When I finally submitted to a bra fitting by a professional, I discovered the error of my ways and began wearing the correct size bras, which displayed my breasts as nature had intended.

All good except some tops and dresses that used to fit the flatter-chested me, no longer fitted the more bosomy me, but such is life!





Source: Vogue

Wearing Diane von Furstenberg.





Actor Michael Andrews femulating in that television movie Murder Me, Murder You (1983).


  1. Dear Stana,

    Great photo of you today! Although I don't judge other T-Girls who choose to go much larger in breast size than would be proportional for their weight, height, and body shape, I find those who do choose more proportionally desirable sizes to be more pleasing to my eyes. I've asked a few close cis-gender female friends for an honest appraisal of my breast-form size, bra size and cup choices. All have said that they thought I chose perfectly. A couple of them said they appreciated that I was not one of those crossdressers whose breast form/bra size/cup letter choices were WAY bigger than looked natural for my stature.



  2. Dear Stana,

    Thank You for informing us of Michael Andrews' femulation in MURDER ME, MURDER YOU. Michael is an exquisite femulator who has appeared in quite a few movies and TV shows. I also remember liking the Stacey Keach MIKE HAMMER TV series in the 80's. So, Thanks to you, MURDER ME, MURDER YOU is now number 1 in my Netflix DVD queue.



  3. If you LOVE that dress, wear a bra one size too small. :)

    1. Actually, I have gone bra-less a few times to solve that problem.

  4. What a stunning fotie. Guess your waist has had some help! Nevertheless what a gorgeous image,

    luv Caro.