Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Fotos

Recent random images that interested me.


Vogue contributing editor, Lauren Santo Domingo photographed at London Fashion Week earlier this month. I don’t know how tall she is, but she sure looks tall in this photo – “femulator tall” if you know what I mean.


Students crossdress in Spain during Carnival, as illustrated by this 2012 photo. (Every day is Carnival for some of us!)


An interesting photo from an e-mailed Brahmin advertisement. What part of the outfit is unisexual? (I love the skirt, by the way.)


Skirts for everyone was all the rage in London for about three minutes during the 1960’s. (The hairy legs of the miniskirted fellow reminded the chap in the white sweater  that he should have shaved his face closer that morning.)


In my opinion, the web site of Madeleine, the British online clothing retailer, consistently has excellent photos for displaying the clothing they sell. Have any Femulate readers actually purchased clothing from Madeleine? If so, what is your opinion of their womenswear?


Finally, here is one more photo of actor Michael A. Andrews femulating in the 1985 film Malibu Express. I saw the film a few times very late at night on local cable television. I don’t recall much of the plot except the part where Andrews crossdresses in the back of her chauffered limousine to go to a nightclub to meet another femulator for drinks. You can view that part of the film here.

And while I have your attention, there was another film that I saw on cable a few times that I have been unable to track it down. It was a circa 1990 British film that interested me because part of the plot involves various male characters attending a big drag party.

One scene that sticks in my mind are automobiles pulling up to the site of the party to drop off the crossdressed attendees. A couple of policeman are standing by and when one of the “girls” gets dropped off, the policeman acknowledge her with, “Good evening, Captain” or some similar title of authority.

Does anyone know the name of the film?


  1. Dear Stana,


    1. The girl in the top photo appears to be wearing at least 6” heels. This brings to mind what I'll call the “varying heel height game”. I am 6-0 barefoot. I have a T-girlfriend who is 5-9 barefoot. When she wears her usual 6” heels, and I wear my frequent choice of flats, she appears to be 3” taller than I. When I less often wear my 3” high heels and she's wearing her 6-inchers, we appear to be the same height. On the other extreme, when I wear my 3-inchers (the highest I go) and she wears flats, I appear to be 6” taller than her. As an age 70 6-footer (who has experienced normal age related shrinkage down from my peak height of 6-1 barefoot), I have always noticed others' height in relation to mine. I quite enjoy the “varying heel height game”.

    2. Yesterday, I watched MURDER YOU, MURDER ME on Netflix DVD (it's not available on Netflix Streaming). Exquisite femulator Michael A. Andrews plays a small-in-screen-time but very pivotal character. I quite enjoyed the film … it was a well-done 1980's “film noir” detective story. Stacey Keach was superb as Mike Hammer, and the positive critical reception to this made-for-TV movie led to Stacey continuing the role in a network TV series. The rendering of the DVD was excellent. It looked pristine on my large screen HDTV.



    1. I like playing that game, too, Sheila!

  2. The model in the Madeleine photo is wearing stockings. I wonder how much Princess Kate is influencing women to wear those again?