Saturday, September 20, 2014

Teaching a New Drag Old Tricks



  1. Long-leg panty girdles were sooooo chickie Kool! No matter
    How they might hurt! Until that is a certain number of hours
    Passed and they started to feel exquistely femme........
    Do you remember getting your first department store 'Bra & Panty Club'
    Card? Now there are many stories to tell!

    1. I guess either the Bra & Panty Club was before my time or not in existence where I shopped.

  2. By the way Alan Shepard wore a long-leg panty girdle on his first sub-orbital
    Spaceflight, as did several of the first Mercury astronauts did on their out of
    this World jaunts! NASA forgot that the guys would need some way of taking a pee
    inside the Spacesuits. The nurse that was the personal dresser and the
    regular prime medic to all the astros for their flights, realized the problem on the last
    practise exercise for Alan's flight, and while the NASA geeks went ape trying to solve
    The Problem which took over a year to design a collection system; she went out
    to a department store and bought several girdles and then sewed a male medical
    collection tube into the garment, then it was Blast off Time!
    The only problem heard from the flyboys was that the system sure held their boys tight!
    Proper tucking was not practised......
    The Movie the Right Stuff launch scene where Alan Says we are all Wet ..... Now, that was a
    Backhanded joke at the real thing, which Tom Wolfe knew about from the Astros and the Nurse!