Monday, September 15, 2014

Room for You in the Dressing Room

logicalLast Monday, I wrote about shopping in person and left out a couple of stores where I have shopped en femme recently and used the dressing room without an issue: Kohl's and Lane Bryant.

Also, I mentioned that when I try something on in the store en femme, I always ask a salesperson where the dressing room is located, even if I know where it is. That way, if somebody complains about a “male” in the female dressing room, I can say that the store gave me permission.

I think that is good advice, but I don't always follow it. If I am feeling absolutely gorgeous and passing with abandon, I just sashay into the nearest dressing room without asking for directions. (Why ruin the mood!)  





Source: ShopBop

Wearing Alice + Olivia.






Richie Rich femulating in Richie Rich Bank Book (1975).


  1. chairs in the shoe shop are also mens and womens?

  2. I am always a bit on edge when using the "women's" restroom and try to avoid going in to one that is busy. Like Free Parking on a Monopoly board I have 2 or 3 restrooms where I frequent that I feel safe in and know that I won't have to Go To Jail or pay rent! AND, I will avoid entering if I know there are children within, and wait til they leave. Just as we are entitled to our feelings about ourselves, even in their ignorance other people are entitled to their's - even though we know that their children are safer being near us than being on their own in other supposedly safer places. Although it may be frustrating we need to acknowledge and respect these "fears" and take every opportunity to educate to remove the stereotyping, but realize that for some folks no amount of discussion will make a difference, and that discretion is wiser than valor. The "bathroom issue" imho, gets way too much controversy/attention - how much time, energy and money could be saved if more gender neutral bathrooms were constructed. The caregiver/client, the dad with daughters and mothers with sons and the gender community would all have a "legal" place to "go", without raising questions or eyebrows. As for dressing rooms, although I don't shop that much, I too will ask a clerk what their policy is, and then make a decision. It's not realistic to assume that a male (or female) with an unscrupulous agenda, might not take advantage of being able to legally use the women's room in the guise of a transgender individual. Hopefully it won't happen, but if it does our politicians, etc will hear "we told you so" loud and clear.

    1. I agree. Kids in the restroom worry me, too.

  3. The Kohls I shop at are unisex dressing rooms and make it easy to try on things no matter how you are dressed. I do love Macys in SF where I can shop anyway I want with no fears or trepidation. The SF ladies come back and check on you and make sure you have the right size, they could not be sweeter. Just love to shop the bargains, life is short, buy the shoes!

    1. Hi Mabe,

      I love that kind of hands on, but it is getting harder to find.