Monday, September 29, 2014

If a flat has a heel, is it still a flat?


What is it with women and shoes? I dunno, but I am a fan and own about 100 pairs. A few flats, a few boots, and the rest heels.

High heels were the second women’s garment that I ever tried on. Nylon stockings were the first. One thing led to another and after trying on a pair of Mommy’s nylons, I had to try on a pair of her high heel pumps to see how my nylon-clad legs looked in heels. (They looked spectacular!)

Although I am not Italian and no longer a girl, I enjoyed reading Sara Porro’s “The Italian Girl’s Guide to Walking in Heels.” I think you will enjoy it, too.

Girls occasionally ask me where to buy large size women’s shoes. I compiled a list a few years ago, however, it may be out of date today (if I could find it).To the rescue comes Alexzander of House of Alexzander fame with a current list of large size women’s shoe sources.

Regarding Alexzander’s list, I only have experience with one source on the list: Payless. I concur with Alexzander’s take on that shoe, but wish to add that Payless does have shoes from fashion designers (like Christian Siriano), whose shoe designs are not always “basic.”

And by the way, when does a flat become a heel? If a flat has a heel, is it still a flat?





Wearing Red Valentino.





Male model Alex Wetter.


  1. At a get together of over 40 t-girls a couple of weeks ago, one tall girl said "what is it with transgirls and heels? I only own flats." She said in heels she'd be closer to 7' than 6. I said "suppose you were five foot tall. Would you wear heels?" She said "of course" and I pointed out that she answered her own question.

  2. At about a quarter of an inch. After that, they're kitten heels, and once they're over an inch and a half you've got heels.

  3. Doesn't a well heeled girl wear heels appropriate for the occasion, and not for her height?

  4. I have the same problem here in australia. I'm size 11 and most stores only go to 10 (or 9 sometimes). Payless sometimes has 11's but usually only tall boots.

    I was told once that a 'low heel' is up to 2" and anything more was a 'high heel'.

  5. Looking at Alex Wetter, I wish I'd chosen to be a male model :)


  6. Oh my! I’m up to 20 pairs now and I’ve only been collecting a few months! Stash space is at breaking point, will have to put an extension on the house at this rate and find an excuse for doing it! Is there a critical point where the “mass of shoe” can get reach, before it can lethally bury the owner?
    I buy only on-line in Europe and the UK, US is too far away and not an option - I’m not that desperate just yet! I’m on the wrong side of a size 43EU, which depending on the “so called” international standard chart(s) can range from a 8UK-9.5UK and if I read correctly anywhere between a 10US and 12US. I’m so frustrated with sizes due to each manufacturer having different ideas in adopting the standard. This has led recently to painful experiences foot wise. I’m a little sad I haven’t the choice at this size but on the other hand I’m glad I don’t, otherwise I would get a worried look from my credit card..
    I have no idea when I flat is not a flat, what I do know is that as Rhonda mentioned different heels for different occasions. Heels can also be practical and not just chic. I can now change the light bulb in the cellar without getting the step ladder!