Friday, September 5, 2014

Dress to Blend vs. Dress to Empress

Yesterday, I received an e-mail noting that I overdress and suggesting that I should dress to blend in with the other ladies. To support this suggestion, the e-mailer added that when Kate Middleton is off duty, she wears jeans and sneakers.

I never denied that I overdress and replied, "Kate Middleton is only a princess, so she can get away with jeans and sneakers. But I am a queen and must dress like a queen all of the time!"






Source: ShopBop

Wearing Time’s Arrow bag.






Navy hero Don Winslow femulates in this February 1944 installment of his daily comic strip.


  1. If you are going to stand out anyway then make sure it's for all the right reasons.

  2. You could have referred your correspondent to the quotes on the upper right of the page. While several are appropriate the one that hits the nail on the head is your own, "If in doubt, overdress".

  3. Dressing to blend was a phase for me. When I didn't have the self confidence to be myself, I dressed to blend in. As my confidence increased, I added more of my personality to how I dressed and now I prefer to do pinup style including 5 to 6" stilettos wherever I go. :-)

  4. A person should only dress any damn way they feel comfortable! As long as all the private things are covered up! I love it women and femulators make statements! And I really think when down well others especially other women appreciate it

  5. I think you should dress how you are comfortable and happy dressing. Every man and woman has their own style and it represents a reflection of how we feel. The other day someone remarked to me how they always see me in a skirt and heels and not pants and I told her that is how I feel most comfortable. She accepted that answer and gave me a smile

  6. Today's post gets a +10.

    My thinking is, women dress UP for special occasions. Whenever I go out, it's a special occasion so....