Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Pet Peeves

no_head I hate clothing catalogs in print or online, that display clothing just hanging there in mid-air instead of on a model. In midair, you see how the clothing looks on a hanger in your closet, but on a model, you see how the clothing hangs on a real person.

I guess they can claim that by not using a model, they can pass along the savings to the customer, but I prefer models modeling clothing, not hangers!

And what about the catalogs that do use models, yet crop their heads in the catalogs? What's with that?

One of my favorite online clothiers, ideel (formerly ideeli), recently switched to cropped-head models and since they did that, I spend a lot less time perusing what they have for sale. A cropped-head model is a lot less attractive than one with a head on her shoulders.

And go figure why they go through the trouble of hiring a model to show the clothes and then crop her head?





Source: Le Redoute

Wearing Le Redoute.





Source: crossdressindian.blogspot.com

Mrs. Vineeth, a femulator from Kerala, India


  1. I suspect that when a catalog doesn't use a model's face, it pays a lesser fee to the model

  2. I agree with enjoying clothing on a person instead of just a hanger. But I hate when they fit the clothes to the model with pins and clips to make the clothing look far better than it actually does. Nothing beats trying stuff on.

    1. Yes - nothing beats the try-on, Nadine.

  3. Stana

    Love your style please share your secrets with us and post your favorite on line shopping sights!