Thursday, October 24, 2013

Working Halloween


For those of us who have to work next Thursday, suggests five Halloween costumes we can wear to work.

"To save you from dashing home to make a quick change after you punch out, or picking up a pair of cat ears from a nearby Ricky’s, we’ve come up with five costume ideas that you can actually wear to work. These looks are all office-appropriate and, with the addition of a few iconic pieces, will take you from a breakfast meeting to a midnight masquerade."

I just realized that I have all the pieces to put together a Cher Horowitz costume. Hmmmm...




Actor Lionel Barrymore (left) femulating in the 1936 film The Devil Doll.





Source: Bluefly

Wearing Rebecca Taylor.


  1. Must be I'm just being me but I also have many Cher Horowitz "costumes" and can wear them daily! LOL!

  2. I will be working that day, and will be wearing y usual work gear, the fancy dress thing isn't as popular in the UK, however I will be playing at Halloween Ball on Saturday night, we have simply been told to wear all black.