Saturday, October 26, 2013

Womanless Beauty Pageant Winner Wins Sex Change


This just in from the Daily Mail Online:

“As the Brazilian contestants sashayed onto the stage in pink bikinis for a beauty pageant held in Rio de Janeiro’s João Caetano Theatre, their incredible figures drew a loud applause and cheers from a hyped up, excited audience. 

“The wolf-whistles and shouts of appreciation were not just for the models’ feminine curves; they are also for the breathtaking courage of the leggy, high cheeked sirens, who in flaunting their bodies made an unequivocal statement that they are proud to be transvestites and transsexuals. All were born as men.

“But that wasn't the most controversial aspect of Monday night's Miss Trans Brazil 2013 contest.

“For the first time, the organisers, the Transgender Association for the State of Rio de Janeiro (RIO ASTRA), offered the winner a transsexual operation from male to female in Thailand.”

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Source: CBS

Actor Trent Dawson (right) femulates on television’s As the World Turns, 2009.





Source: Rent the Runway

Wearing Cédric Charlier.

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