Friday, October 18, 2013

Diary of a Male Housewife

Femulate is honored to post an excerpt from a forthcoming book, Diary of a Male Housewife, written by Jacqueline Andrews. In her soon-to-be published book, Jacqueline describes how a beta male found his niche in the 21st Century as a male housewife.

stanley_getting_dressed_circa_1968 Clothing for Support

Although my outer wardrobe changes from day to day, what I wear underneath is very consistent: panty girdle and long-line bra. A transwoman who has lived full-time as a woman for nearly 20 years recommended this combination of underwear because those two foundation garments offer physical and psychological support.

The panty girdle flattens my front, keeps my boy parts tucked out of sight, rounds out my hips and derriere, and narrows my waistline. The bra pushes my boy boobs up and out to give me a small, but decidedly feminine bust. The bra also shapes the fat below my boobs and combined with the girdle, my physique is rearranged into a feminine figure.

Psychologically, wearing a bra sends feminine signals to my psyche that only a bra can transmit. Whereas fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg was quoted once proclaiming, "Feel like a woman. Wear a dress!" I prefer my friend Stana's proclamation, "Feel like a woman. Wear a bra!"





Actor Guillermo Díaz femulating in the 1995 film Stonewall.






Wearing Nina Ricci.


  1. That would make for a wonderful book.

  2. Intriguing excerpt - looking forward to the finished product.

  3. Off subject, but I LOVE your new blog banner!

  4. The new look is very attractive, and right on message

  5. A bra and sexy panties for me when I want to feel like a woman. Hose and heels help, too.