Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In My Shopping Cart

After all my success at the slot machines recently, I decided to treat myself. So i went shopping online and made the following purchases.

Nine West Love Fury

"Pointy toe platform pump with all leather upper. 4.5" heel and 3/4" platform."

I own this shoe in black patent and it is very comfortable. I have worn it for hours on end without a complaint. I wanted a closed-toe pump in nude, so I figured I could not go wrong with Nine West's Love Fury.


Nine West Sweetness

"Mary Jane round toe pump with adjustable ankle strap on a 4" heel."
Nine West was having a sale - free shipping and half off a pair of shoes when you bought two pairs - so when I bought Love Fury in nude, I looked around to see what I could buy at half price. I am a sucker for Mary Jane pumps and when I spotted this two-tone beauty, I could not resist and added it to my shopping cart.


Payless Kourtship Satin Sandal

"It features a strappy upper, rhinestone accents, elastic ankle strap, padded footbed, 4" heel, 1/2" platform, and a sturdy outsole. Manmade materials."

I will be attending One Big Event later this month and I plan to wear a $189 cocktail dress that I purchased for $10 on clearance from Spiegel. I did not have any shoes to go with the dress, so I bought these from Payless.  But now I wonder if I should wear the nude Nine West platform pumps instead. (The Spiegel model showing the dress is wearing nude pumps and they look great with the dress.)


Muse Colorblock Sheath Dress

"Circular neckline, faux pockets below waist, back button closure, fully lined."
I love this dress... especially its buttons! I was concerned that I would have a difficult time closing the buttons, but when the dress arrived from ideeli, I discovered that only the top three buttons are working buttons; the rest are just decorative. I can easily reach behind to close the top three buttons myself.


Avon Elements Moisture Boost Eye Cream

"For both Normal and Combination Skin. Provides long-lasting moisturization. Suitable for sensitive skin. Hypoallergenic. Eye area feels hydrated and refreshed for hours."

As an Avon representative, I received this as a sample and began using it about four weeks ago. I love this product and just ordered a second tube.

I agree wholeheartedly with one reviewer who wrote, "It goes on nice and smooth but it is not oily or greasy (or drying either).  I've been using it every morning for a month now and I would highly recommend it"

Also, by moisturizing the eye area, I find that it disguises the fine lines around my eyes; although the lines are still there, they are less noticeable. 




SMAP in flight-attendant-drag

SMAP, a Japanese boy band femulating as flight attendants.






Wearing Victoria’s Secret.


  1. I really think that the white satin shoes from Payless look great and would go well with the dress but I have to agree that the model wearing the nude pumps looks very well put together. Good luck with your choice. Often when I go out I take two pair of shoes ~ both the give me the chance to make a last minute pick when I exit the car and to give me an option if pick #1 starts to hurt and I need to change shoes in the middle of the event or at least for the drive home.

    1. Dear Scalesman,

      I always carry a large black purse. The black color goes with any outfit. If I'm wearing high heels, I keep a pair of flats in the purse. If my feet start to bother me, I simply put on the flats, and the purse is large enough to hold 3" high pumps. Being 69 years young, I'm over suffering when high heels start to hurt ... I want comfort. Fortunately, my favorite pairs of pumps usually don't hurt unless I stand around for more than 10 minutes at a time.

      I enjoy your frequent posts!



    2. Sheila,
      I enjoy your comments as well. Most of my shoes are broken in to the point where I can go the evening but I like to take a spare pair as well. Within the last year I bought my first two pair of flats and while I have taken them with me for relievf they have not been worn in a public setting. Once when the stilettos were hurting I did slip into the flats for the drive home. I figure at 6' tall and 61 years old that I should have a few flat woman's shoes.
      I like the idea of an oversized purse.
      You keep on writing and if I get to your neck of the woods with time on my own I will let you know. Every time I am in your fine state my time is tight and I am always with others.

  2. Stana, I admire the fact you do not let your height discourage you from wearing heels. So many tall women are afraid of them. Go girl!

    (FWIW, I would go with the pumps, too)