Thursday, October 3, 2013

Good Luck


After my OMG moment at the mall on Monday, I decided to quit shopping and celebrate my admission into the girls' club by going to the casino and having a little fun.

After a leisurely hour drive, I parked my car at the Mohegan Sun casino and headed to the 25-cents slot machines. I prefer the old school "mechanical" slot machines and sadly (for me), they are being replaced by new school digital slot machines. However, there are still enough old school machines at Mohegan Sun to keep me occupied.

Almost immediately, I won $60 on a 50-cent play.

When I win big, I move on to a different slot machine and shortly after moving, I won $125 on a 75-cent play. Within 15 minutes of arriving, I had gained $185 and an admirer.

I noticed my admirer standing nearby checking me out while I was winning $125. After that win, I switched machines and a few minutes later, my admirer sat at the machine right next to me. The casino was quiet and there were plenty of unoccupied machines everywhere, but this guy had to sit right next to me.

It was flattering, but my admirer was sloppily dressed, needed a shave, and reeked of cigarette smoke (what a catch!). I had no interest in becoming better acquainted, so I cashed out and moved on to a different section of the casino.

Admittedly, I was not dressed to blend (what fun is that?) and as a result, I had some admirers at the casino. For example, I noticed a few times that as I walked by a craps table, there were eyes on me rather than the dice.

I ordered a free drink from a waitress and when she returned a few minutes later, she touched my wrist and wished me, "Good luck, honey" without blinking an eye.

My luck at the slot machines cooled down and I was playing even-steven for a while, so I took a break. I visited the casino's shopping mall where there are some opportunities for a Kodak moment. I stopped a young woman and asked her to take my photo with my iPhone and she happily did so. And after taking a few shots, she said, "You look lovely."

It was all very affirming and very flattering.

I returned to the casino, played even-steven for about 45 minutes, then I won $60 on a 50-cent play. I decided to quit while I was ahead, cashed out and beat the rush hour traffic home.

I had a lot of fun on Monday and look forward to doing it again as soon as possible.



Actor Heinz R├╝hmann femulating in the 1956 West German film Charley's Tante.





Source: Victoria’s Secret

Wearing Victoria’s Secret.


  1. I'm glad you gained at the slots and had a good time, but I don't worry whether I gain or lose, I just get out there! Admirers are what makes it all worth it! You look smashing, you go girl!

  2. Dear Stana

    Thank you for never-ending stream of uplifting and thought-provoking Femulations
    It is much appreciated!