Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vintage Femulation Magazines

2013-10-09-FMv1n4 My previous posts about Lee Brewster and Drag magazine have spawned nostalgic  comments here and on Facebook about old magazines. For example, Pat commented, "If I could get my hands on a Drag or Female Mimics I would stash them and read them over and over again."

Vintage copies of these magazines occasionally show up on eBay, but the prices are exorbitant. A copy of Female Mimics Volume 1, Number 1 recently went for $34 and that is typical for that popular auction website.

But all is not lost. Using magazines from the 1950s, 1960s, and other decades as source material, Fetish Nostalgia has created digital, ebook versions (in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format) of a variety of periodicals and publications that are of interest to Femulate readers. The titles include Female Mimics, Female Impersonators, Drag Queen, Guys in Gowns, Letters from Female Impersonators, etc. The classic Female Impersonator's Handbook by Pudgy Roberts is also available.

The prices are very attractive ($3 to $5 for most of the femulation-related titles) and delivery is practically instantaneous: order on-line and within an hour you receive an e-mail directing you to a webpage where you can download your purchases.

I have ordered most of femulation-related titles over the past few years; I am a very satisfied with the service and highly recommend it.



Men 2006

Femulators socializing, circa 2006.





Source: Pink Tartan

Wearing Pink Tartan.


  1. I went off to college in the late 70s and these were my first revelations that I was not the only person that felt the way I did. They tended towards drag, but I was mesmerized by some of the beautiful ladies that appeared in those pages. I had many of those magazines. I have a small scrap book that I made from some of them, but unfortunately did not keep the actual magazines. I do still have a trunk of the old Sandy Thomas books... Not sure what to do with all of those. I am grateful those magazines existed, but it was no way for a transgendered girl to get educated on gender issues. Today, these truly look archaic....

  2. I also "cut my teeth" on the Sandy Thomas books - still enjoy reading the occasional one. But I had nothing else available to me along those lines. I'm very thankful for the Internet, believe me!

  3. Dear Stana,

    (Unrelated post) ... As you and I have shared in a couple of emails, we are both Major League Baseball fans. Your Boston Red Sox defeated my Tampa Bay Rays in the Divisional Playoffs best-of-5 series last night. Congratulations! The Red Sox are a great team, and first year manager John Farrell has done a marvelous job getting the Bosox back to their former glory. They beat a very good (92 wins) Rays team, but admittedly, the Red Sox were the better team and deserved to win. So, now that my Rays are done for the year, I will root for their AL East brothers, the Red Sox.

    And, despite your team beating mine (this time), I love you as much as always.



  4. Oooh, I quite like the idea of Fetish Nostalgia . . . may have to check that out myself!

    Like Julie, I cut my teeth on the Sandy Thomas books, as well as the chapbooks from Mags Inc. It's remarkable how far we've come, but it's nice to be nostalgic. :)