Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dressed Fashionably

eyeglasses keeps the hair out of my eyes

The weather during my vacation was fantastic: no rain, lots of sun and temperatures in the low to mid-70s during the day, cooling off in the evening for perfect sleeping conditions. The weather man predicted more of the same for my Monday outing en femme.

Do I dress for fall or do I dress for summer?

I had put together an outfit for each season, but since I have three months ahead of me to dress for fall, I decided to go with the summer outfit: white shorts (JCPenney), multi-colored top (DressBarn), pink scarf (Avon), black bag (JCPenney) and white wedges (Payless), which are the most comfortable women's shoe I have ever owned. My jewelry consisted of black and silver earrings (Napier), black watch (Avon) and Pandora knock-off charm bracelet (Avon).

The outfit was basically the same one I wore on Thursday of Hamvention week. The difference was that back in May, the only people who saw me in that outfit were the folks I encountered in my hotel and at a gas station somewhere in Ohio. Monday, I would be seen by a lot more people at the mall and at the casino. And so it went.

Since I am breaking in a new hairdo, after I did my makeup and got dressed I spent a lot of time working with my hair trying to get it just so. After a lot of combing and spraying, I was happy with my new do, so I grabbed my purse and hit the road.

Twenty minutes later, I parked my car at the Macy's entrance of West Farms Mall. I received immediate affirmation as I entered Macy's as two female sales reps smiled and greeted me.

An aside: it is so pleasant to walk through the mall, make eye contact and exchange smiles (and sometimes greetings) with other women shopping or working in the mall.

My shopping goal was to buy a blazer. I knew it would be a difficult goal to achieve because I have long arms (my sleeve's not too short – my arms are too long!) I searched through Macy's and JCPenney and found blazers that fit my torso, but none that fit my arms (not even close). So I failed to achieve my goal.

While I was at it, I tried on some skirts in Macy's and JCPenney. I fell in love with a red flirty skirt in Macy's that was a perfect fit, but its $70 price tag kept my wallet at bay.

As I was looking through the racks at JCPenney, a middle-aged African-American woman (probably younger than me) approached me and asked, "Can I ask you a question?"

I had no idea what she was going to ask ("What time is it?" "Where did you buy your shoes?" "Are you a tranny?"). I girded my loins, smiled and agreed to answer her question.

"You're dressed fashionably, so I'd like your opinion about a pair of slacks I was thinking about buying."

Wow! I certainly did not see that coming!

We discussed the merits of the slacks. I did not like what she had picked out and suggested something with a bolder pattern. She admitted that she really did not like what she had picked out and liked my suggestion better.

I pointed out a skirt with a pattern similar to what I had in mind and her eyes lit up as she said, "I saw slacks with that pattern. Now I just have to find them again! Thank-you for your help."

"Good luck," I said.

Then I took a deep breath.

“Oh, my God!” I screamed to myself.



Actor Aaron Paul (center) femulating as Breaking Bad’s Jane.





Source: ShopBop

Wearing Robert Rodriguez.


  1. That is a great photo of your face. Either you are a wizard with makeup or you have amazing skin. My gues is that it is a bit of both. Most folks, by the time the reach their sixth decade have a lot more character on their face. You have the facial features of a lady in her 3rd decade.

    It is so nice and encouraging to see the reaction that you get while out and about and the pure affirmation of your presence and dignity when you do get out and about, both in small groups and in large settings such as a mall or casino. Keep it up.

    Your comments about the good weather here in the northeast are spot on. Last night I dressed and went to one of my favorite bars where I feel accepted and comfortable. After two beers and some very enjoyable conversation I drove home, about 20 miles. Due to the nice weather I put the rag top down. I had on one of my longer wigs and the air blowing my hair around, while mussing, provided me with a nice affirming feeling.


  2. Good question and a great way to answer!

  3. The outfit is great, shows off your enviable legs, and I'm not at all surprised that someone asked your opinion based on it, and the glasses are good with your make-up, but I'm not keen on the new hair do. I know it's just an opinion, but it looks a bit flat and wig-like to me, whereas the shorter, fuller hair balances out your jawline better.

  4. That's awesome! Talk about having a good day. :)