Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Got Hats

Source: Male Pattern Boldness

(This post was inspired by Peter Lappin's "Requiem for Ladies Hat" post on his Male Pattern Boldness blog.)

Peter wrote, "...during the first half of the Twentieth Century (and a bit beyond), women wore hats outside -- and sometimes in -- as a matter of course.  A fashionable woman would no sooner be seen outside without a hat than she would without stockings or gloves..."

My mother wore hats for fashion through the mid 1960s, that is, during my formative fashionista years. As a result, I would don one of her hats when I femulated during that era especially if I was wearing one of the outfits she had put together that included a hat (like mother, like son).

Hats died out in the late 1960s. Just as my mother stopped wearing hats circa 1967, I stopped wearing hats when I femulated.

My mother passed on years ago and when we emptied her apartment, we discovered some of her hats. She kept some of her favorites. I don't know why; maybe she thought hats would make a comeback or maybe she just could not part with them. Whatever the reason, I could not throw them all away, so I kept my favorites of her favorites and have them stored in various nooks and crannies in the house.

Now that Peter has reminded me about hats, I plan to peruse my mother's hat collection and see if there are any that will go with the outfits I plan to wear out in the near future.





Source: Femulate Archives

Actor Geoffrey Rush femulating on stage in
The Importance of Being Earnest, Australia 2011.





Source: Boston Proper

Wearing Boston Proper.


  1. I morn the passing of hats, it seems that round here (ornamental) hats only come out at weddings and Ascot. I think it was the car as much as anything that killed the hat, I certainly have happy memories of ladies hats throughout the 60s especially on a Sunday at church.

  2. I seem to recall that Catholic women were required/encouraged to wear hats while in church at least through the mid 1960s. I am not sure if Vatican II changed the rule. I suspect that you were jealous of the little girls in the communion dresses and then their confirmation gowns. I believe that they at least wore veils or lace head coverings.

  3. I love hats...unfortunately, it is very difficult to find attractive ones these days.

  4. It may be time for a hat modeling post! ;)

  5. Dear Stana,

    The "hatted" woman image is gorgeous and very artistic. I think the woman may be (or at least looks very much like) Lucille Ball. What do you think?