Thursday, September 26, 2013

Old School, New School
I tend to be old school, but I am always open to new school and if the new school makes sense to me, I enroll.

Over the weekend, I was putting together outfits and in my opinion, the best way to see if an outfit works is to try it on and examine it in the mirror and/or take some selfies and see how the camera's eye views the outfit.

To get the full effect, trying on outfits necessitates wearing shapewear. So first things first, I opened my shapewear storage box to get out what I needed.

Lately, I have been wearing new school shapewear: Spanx clonewear (camis and briefs) over a waist cincher and Victoria's Secret bra. The bra and waist cincher provide the basic hourglass figure and the Spanx clonewear smooths out the bumps and bulges.

While my shapewear storage box was opened, I noticed two very old school high-waisted panty girdles that I had not worn in ages. Since the first outfit I was planning to try on included figure-hugging leggings, I wondered how they would look over the girdle.

So I tugged on a girdle (its waist was so high that I did not need a waist cincher). Then I slipped on a bra and a Spanx clone cami to smooth things out.

I mixed old school and new school and when I tried on the leggings and a top over the shapewear, I was very happy with the results. The old school-new school combination of shapewear improved my figure noticeably; my tummy was flatter and my waist was narrower than if I wore new school shapewear only.

What more could a girl ask for?

Professional Femulator Harry S. Franklyn, circa 1929

Source: Vogue

Wearing Chanel.


  1. Dear Stana,

    I'm mostly "old school". I was born in 1944, and the love of women's clothing became imprinted on me from about 1950 to 1960. So, I always wear dresses or skirts when "en femme" - I have no desire to wear even very pretty flaring ladies slacks. I always wear stockings, rather than pantyhose. I adore wearing 1950's/60's style nylon tricot panties (full briefs) and I don't want to hide them under pantyhose. I also love slips (either full slips or half slip + camisole combinations). I prefer very girly, feminine lingerie and outerwear and classic pumps. I have no desire to wear very casual denim skirts. I'm not judging girls who wear the items I don't like to wear myself ... I'm just stating my tastes in my own dressing. Even in makeup, I am "old school" regarding lipstick. I prefer bright and/or deep red lipstick whether day or evening.

    As you, Stana, often close your posts ... "and so it goes".



    1. Sheila, You would love this older lady friend (born female) I've made on EP (experience project). She only wears dresses garters and stocking with and with vintage underpinnings. She even admits to it as a fetish. I've learned a lot from her, and am actually looking for some Old school things to use as foundations. One of her comments is that she just doesn't understand why a woman with all she has available to her for styles, just can seem to put thought into it as ladies from her era did. Presentation of her femininity is who she is. BTW she wasn't aware of the T community. She actually loves us for our love of feminine things more then her girl friends!

    2. Stana, the High Waisted Panty Gurdle you were wearing. Did you have issues with the waist rolling down? I'm assuming probly not if it were boned. This is something that bothers me, I don't have much of a tummy, but still If I don't wear a support foundation garment with shoulder straps by the end of the day I have this uncomfortable roll under my belly. I do need to do more exercises to flatten it for sure, But would love to know how the old school garment holds up through the day?

      As always great blogs. I'm going to send Abrey (my older lady friend) over.

    3. Dear Joan Elizabeth,

      Thank You for telling us about your GG friend. She sounds amazing and so sweet to like we "special girls" so much. For an occasional change of pace, you might enjoy trying wearing 1950's/60's style nylon tricot lace-trimmed panties (full brief). Nylon tricot is a fabulous satiny, wispy feminine fabric for intimate apparel. Then, wear a lucious nylon tricot full slip (or half slip and cami) over the panties, bra, and shapewear. And, definitely nylon stockings instead of pantyhose. If you've never tried these older styles, trust me, you'll LOVE them and feel and look so girly. 2 companies that make these classic style panties, slips, and camis are Vanity Fair and Dixie Belle.

      Your profile photo is lovely, and I like your frequent posts here on Stana's wonderful blog.



  2. I'm absolutely old-school and have worn the exact under-things as you show from the Adler company. I have to admit, as pantyhose became common my hemlines went up and my preference was changed to a panty styled girdle. I no longer have the girdle and buy everything (new school) but with very heavy boning, that helps to make my shape more female.

    Good blog, Stana!

  3. Blend of old and new school here. First all must match (all black or all white).New school thong; Flexee easy up waist cincher; Flexee high waist panty girdle; Amazon padded rear and hip girdle and a Lilyette bra. Old school slip and pantyhose. Getting hard to find old school slips that are short enough now days. Worked on the waist for years and finally found the padded girdle which "made all the difference" as adding more hips made the waist smaller and the shoulders more in proportion.