Friday, September 20, 2013

You'll freeze your ass off

I took Thursday afternoon off from work in order to get ready for my girls' night out.

After a leisurely lunch, I began the transformation by shaving and applying my makeup.

A Makeup Tip

Over the years, I have used many brands of mascara. but lately, my go-to mascara is Avon's "Super Extend Extreme Mascara." It adds great length as well as volume to my lashes. It also seems to last longer than some other mascaras.

Yes - I am an Avon representative and whenever Avon introduces a new mascara, I always try a tube and usually I am disappointed and back track to Maybelline, but with their Super Extend Extreme Masacar, Avon finally has got it right.

Now back to our regular programming…

I slipped on my undies, nude thigh high stockings and heels, then I began trying on different dresses and modeling them in our full-length mirror to decide what to wear. Originally, I planned to wear the Avon mark brand "Exotic Edge Dress" I purchased recently, but I was concerned that it was too short.

After trying on a half-dozen dresses, I ended up selecting the Exotic Edge Dress after all. It was the shortest dress of the dozen, but not that much shorter and what the heck --- I was going to a cocktail party sponsored by an art museum. From past experience, I knew my hemline would not be the shortest in attendance (and I was correct).

In addition to the dress, I wore my Nine West Love Fury black patent pumps with their sky-high 4.5-inch heels, black B. Makowsky bag, silver earrings (Napier), silver bracelet (Avon mark) and black watch (Avon).

I spritzed some Chanel No. 22 on all the right places and was ready to go. As I said goodbye to y spouse and daughter, my spouse remarked, "You'll freeze your ass off." Which always makes me smile because it reminds me of the adults in "A Christmas Story" warning Ralphie that, "You'll shoot your eye out." Unlike Ralphie, I never froze my ass off and Thursday night was no different.

I left the house at 4:20 PM and arrived at the Mexican restaurant in Hartford 30 minutes later. Diana's car was not in sight, so I cell phoned her to find out where she was in case she was parked in back and already seated inside. Turns out she was stuck in traffic, so I went inside to get a table.

There was only one table occupied at that early dinner hour, so the gent who seated me said I could sit anywhere I liked. A woman brought menus and I perused the fare while waiting for Diana to arrive.

She showed up about ten minutes later and we munched on chips and salsa while deciding what to order. Soon a waiter came to our table and took our drink and dinner orders. While we waited for dinner we chatted about all things trans.

Dinner was excellent and since we are both trying to maintain our girlish figures, we passed on dessert. Before leaving, I wanted to freshen my lipstick, so I excused myself to the ladies' room where I found the prettiest ladies' room I had ever encountered!

We paid the check and exited to our cars to drive to the cocktail party at Real Art Ways about ten minutes from the restaurant.

There is not much to say about our restaurant experience. It was as if we were invisible to the staff and other diners. We were just two old ladies and nobody paid much attention to us. However, I must add that there were hardly any other diners to pay any attention to us. Only two other tables were occupied while we were there --- the other diners were outside on the patio.

Come back tomorrow for the cocktail party portion of our girl's night out.

Source: Juan's The New Male Fashions for the Alternative Male

Femulating fashion model Dimitry Rublyovsky.

Wearing Boston Proper.


  1. What your daughter meant to say was, you will REALLY freeze your ass off when you start HRT and it will have nothing to do with the dress! :)

  2. Kinda nice, two old broads just out for a bite and a drink. It just does not get any better.

  3. Just two old broads out for a bite and a drink. Does not get any better than this. Just living life normally.

  4. "in chatted about all things trans"
    In our trans-meetings we talk about anything but the not about trans.

  5. I can identify with being a little old lady sitting at a dinner table and I'm glad the Avon Exotic Edge Dress won out! You look absolutely gorgeous, Stana!

    Can't wait to hear the details about the cocktail party at Real Art Ways. Don't leave anything out!

  6. In my experience "Old Ladies" do not wear dresses like that, stunning!

  7. You look great for an "old lady":) Dress is not to short as your legs look great wearing short dresses.

    From a ancient old broad ;)