Thursday, September 5, 2013

Say Cheese

My spouse was perusing the Avon outlet catalog and when she spotted a necklace that I bought earlier in the year, she remarked, “Didn’t I see you wearing this necklace?”

I did not recall the occasion, but knowing I owned the necklace in question, I assumed she saw me wearing it.

“I guess so,” was my reply. But I wasn’t so sure.

For the past few years, I have gotten into the habit of photographing every outfit I wear or plan to wear. I do this for a couple of reasons:

- To see if the outfit makes me look fat.

- To post the photo on Femulate (so you can see if the outfit makes me look fat).

What I see in the mirror often looks different in a photograph. Photographing my fashion faux pas allows me to make adjustments (e.g., tighten my corset) so I don’t look fat.

Anyways, I have hundreds of selfies. (I just checked and I am embarrassed to tell you how many I actually have. Let’s just say that the number is four-digits long).

I checked all my photos for the past year and there was nary a one in which I am wearing the necklace.

Go figure!

Source: Pinterest
Two female femulators enjoying the last days of summer.

Source: ShopBop
Wearing Alice + Olivia.


  1. According to this link -- the two models featured are named Alana Zimmer & Hannah Holman and both are female bodied.

    Just because you have a stylized presentation doesn't mean you have to be "femulatin'"

  2. Oh Stana !
    Alana Zimmer and Hannah Holman are not femulators. They are real women.

  3. I loved the photo of the Stepford femulators, I saw it on Pintest and immediately connected to it and liked it.

    Oh and Stana, I'm so disappointing your “I guess so,” answer to your wife was so ah! guy! Perhaps something like. OMG your right! I have that necklace, it's one of my favorites! But I understand... it's a very fine line we walk between being a husband and being a woman. both, I'm concur you do well.

  4. I fell into the same trap, I thought Alana and Hannah were stepford drag queens! Mind my ignorance. :)

  5. Stana,

    I assumed by using the term "female femulator" you were referring to GG's who looked like CD's look when femulating...

    By the way, I have the same disease as you. I easily have taken hundreds of selfies this year. It is embarrassing to say that. I keep looking for the ones that scream, "100% female". So far I have exactly one!


  6. If you have never been caught momentarily speechless by an unexpected comment from your wife relating to your femulating then you are simply not married. I tend to be eager and happy to discuss my dressing with my wife but often when she brings it us it is similar to your wife's comment about the necklace. Recently my wife asked, out of the blue, why I have some many pairs of pantyhose and stockings when she seems toget by with only 2 or 3. I guess the real reason is that I like hosiery and can never have enough but my proffered response was that she can always borrow some of my if her supply runs short.

  7. I also am guilty of going a tad "Selfie Insane". But when you have no one on hand to give you advice or scream at you, "Do NOT go out with that top and THAT skirt!" (Of course, I use the word "scream" in the nicest possible way! ~~giggle~~ ) So Selfies are the best way to see what works and what doesn't. I think I'd better send a few (dozen) to other storage, though, because I think my computer is rapidly running out of space!

  8. I also suffer from "Selfie Insanity" -- and I agree, they are a great way to check out an outfit or a new look. Having no one here to help, advise, or shriek in horror at my wardrobe, the photos are a great tool.

  9. You assumed correctly, Lisa.