Thursday, September 12, 2013



Last week, I mentioned that I take a lot of selfies.

I started taking selfies about the same time I started dressing en femme from head to toe. I wanted to see how others would see the female me rather than how I saw myself in that full-length mirror mounted on my mother's closet door.

Self-photography provided the means to do that, but it was expensive because you had to use real film. You had to buy film to take your selfies and then pay to have your selfies processed. You also had to buy flash bulbs to take good selfies indoors.

And then there was the potential for being embarrassed and outed if the person processing the film realized that the girl posing in your selfies was actually you! I wonder how many femulators built darkrooms in their basements to avoid being outed?

I avoided the problem by using a Polaroid SX-70 camera. Polaroid film was more expensive, but I did not have to take the photos of my "girlfriend" anywhere to be processed.

However, the expense did prevent me from taking mass quantities of selfies. Then the Apple QuickTake digital camera entered my life and changed everything.

Quality-wise, the QuickTake was a step backward from the Polaroid, but the film was now "free" and I could take as many selfies as I wanted, at least until the camera's battery ran down.

And I did take a LOT of selfies! Thousands to be inexact.

As digital cameras improved, I graduated from the QuickTake to the Canon PowerShot. And as the Canons improved, I upgraded my PowerShots and currently own my third, a Canon PowerShot SD940 IS. It is full-featured, takes excellent photos, and I thought it was the cat's meow until I started taking photos with my iPhone 5.

Comparing photos taken during the same photoshoot with the Canon and the iPhone, the iPhone does a better job (IMHO). Or should I say, I do a better job taking photos with the iPhone than I do with the Canon. Perhaps if I was a better or more knowledgable photographer, I could do a better job with the Canon, but for now, the iPhone is my go-to camera.

The iPhone does have a couple of drawbacks as a camera.

Whereas the Canon allows me to take timed selfies, iPhone's Camera app does not have that feature. I corrected that problem quickly by obtaining camera apps (Top Camera and Camera+) that do include the self-timer function. Now I can take self-timed selfies.

The other drawback is the inability to use a tripod with the iPhone. Sure, you can take self-timed selfies without a tripod --- I've done it and it is a pain in the dupa. So I fixed that problem too by purchasing a tripod designed for cell phone camera applications: the Case Star Octopus Style Portable and Adjustable Tripod.

So you can count on seeing more and better quality selfies here in the future.



Source: flickr

European vacation femulating.



Source: DressBarn

Wearing DressBarn.


  1. You just made taking selfies easier. I had been using my Nikon cool pix with a small tripod, but a tripod and self timeer for the 5 sounds like a great idea. Just have to remember to delete them from the phone after uploading. Oh, look at a picture of my grandchildren, swipe, whoops, out.

  2. A snap shot is just a snap shot. I wish I had some of the Polaroid sx70's my ex and I shared. Unfortunately my ex used them against me in our divorce proceedings.

    Your quality of photos have always been above par. Change only that which you desire to change, as the rest of us are just grateful that you are who you are and doing, what you do.

  3. PS, I don't think there are any of us who do not envy the EU vactioning couple. Dee puts up with me when we do girl girl things, but the comfort in this couple is so admirable! No, it's envious!

    1. I agree, Joan. There's a comfort level and a peace in their faces that I wish I had with my SO.

  4. I think I'll stick to my camera, my Samsung phone's camera is rubbish. and, err the "Femulator" Really?

  5. I agree with you Joan and the husband looks so passable and feminine. I am in a similar situation with my gf that she prefers not to see Joanna but that's OK by me. Still its nice to see this level of acceptance.

  6. Who is the husband and which the SO looking so passable? tricky question. They are a Dentist in Paris called on flickr 'French Lolita' and Swiss friend Annick, both trans!