Friday, September 6, 2013

Early September in Connecticut


Weather-wise, early September is my favorite time of year.

The sky is a perfect shade of blue and the angle of the sun makes the clouds look perfect, too. The days are warm, but the humidity of summer is gone. And the nights are cool --- perfect for sleeping soundly the whole night through.

My sister and I were discussing this perfect weather the other day and I remarked that it was a “9/11 kind of day.”

Although the weather is perfect (in my humble opinion), it always brings to my mind September 11, 2001 because this is the way the weather was on that terrible day.

And things will never be the same again.



Source: Rena

Rena is a Femulate reader who lives fulltime as a woman in Florida.



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Wearing a jacket from Newport News.


  1. If anybody asks me the date I started at my current employers I can always tell them exactly. The Tuesday of my second week was 11th September 2001.

  2. Yes, I so remember that weather. Now in Cali, I lived in your area on that horrible day. So clear, such a beautiful day. Such vivid memories.

  3. It is a solemn reminder. One we shall never forget.

    And thank you for sharing Rena with us, She looks lovely and is so fortunate to be full time! Bests to her and hers.

  4. I was driving to downtown Manhattan when I heard a news report that a plane had struck the north tower. My favored parking garage is abot 2 blocks away from the World trade Center. The initial comments were that it may have been a small private plane that made an error. It was unthinkable at that early moment that this could have been a purposeful act.

    I decided to park at 161st and hop on the subway. I made it down as far as 42nd street when the subway was stopped so I went to an office of some co-workers and we spent the day watching TV. I then had to walk with my briefcase back to my car.

    The building I was headed to was not directly damaged by the incident but was covered with dust and ash from the event.
    Those memories are as fresh in my mind today as when they happened.