Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th


I received my daily e-mail from Payless ShoeSource reminding me that they still have a BOGO sale in progress, that is, buy one and get one for half-price. To sweeten the pot, today's e-mail included a 13% off coupon in honor of Friday the 13th.

I need a new pair of sneakers. The ones I bought in the spring are literally falling apart, so how can I resist the Payless sale. So I was off to the local Payless this morning with the coupon tucked in my purse.

The saleswoman at the register was new to me. Some of the saleswoman in the local Payless stores know about me and don’t blink an eye when I start trying on ladies’ shoes while in bou mode.

Anyway, I went to the rack containing male sneakers, which is in the same aisle as female size 10 to 13 footwear. How perfect is that! I quickly found a pair of sneakers that I liked, tried them on and they were a perfect fit.

Now I turned my attention to the female footwear across the aisle. Although the pickings were slim, I found two pairs to try on. I helped myself to the free peds that the store has on hand, removed my shoes and my pink ankle socks, slipped on the peds and tried on the shoes (a size 11 and a size 12).

While I was trying on the female footwear, the saleswoman came by and asked if I needed any assistance. I said I was fine and added that "I am trans, so don't mind me.”

She said, “Well if you need any help, let me know.”

The size 12 (a glam glam sandal) did not fit. Actually, my foot fit in the shoe, but the ankle strap was too short. The size 11 (an ivory open-toed bow sandal) fit and was to die for. Look at the photo and I think you will agree.

I removed the peds, put my socks and shoes back on and took my purchases up to the saleswoman at the register.

While she was ringing up my purchase, I took out my iPhone and surfed to an image of me en femme on flickr. I held up the iPhone and said to the saleswoman, "This is me."

As she looked at the iPhone, her eyes grew bigger and she said, "Wow!"

"Thank you for the 'wow'," was my response.

She added, "I love the shoes you bought."

"I love them, too." As I spoke those words, I noticed that my voice had shifted to my femme voice without even thinking about it!

How cool is that!



Source: Candy magazine

Actor Jared Leto femulating in the Summer 2013 issue of Candy magazine.





Source: MyHabit

Wearing Versus.


  1. Love the shoes, I think most people are pretty accepting if we are honest

  2. Kudos to the sales clerk, and to Payless for hiring open-minded staff. And I am not surprised your voice changed.

  3. Stana,

    The shoes are beautiful, but those heels! I am getting too old for high heels, and they make me taller than 95% of women! But kudos to you for shopping for both sides of your personality in one outing. I need to put that on my "to do" list...


  4. Honesty has always been my policy. It works!

    OBTW, love the shoes, too!

  5. Love the shoe, too much heel for me at my age comfort is top priority. but the allure of retail therapy is such a benefit to us girls.

  6. I have shopped often at Payless and I have always had a positive experience with the staff. Love the shoes!!

  7. I have shopped often at Payless shoes and I have always had a positive shopping experience.
    The girls were always helpful and understanding when buying my lady shoes.
    I have a sales associate help me find a nice pair of ankle booties to match a new black skirt I had purchased earlier that day and she was having as much with it as me!! Nice shoes!!